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Virus attacks

An important question may be asked: what trends and types of virus attacks are likely to increase in the future? The answer of the question is based on the existing...

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Business environment

In today's lively and spirited business environment, survival, enlargement and productivity are the essence goals of all company. Furthermore, to stay spirited, enlightened companies have strived to get not only...

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Ethics and Business Practices

Ethical issues raised different concerns for the business community or organization. Sometimes people are confused or uncertain in identifying practices that are ethically right or ethically wrong. Business covers a...

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Business organizations

Business organizations like GreatestColas need to analyze and observe their business practices and to integrate business ethics. As a leader you were given the opportunity to be promoted as the...

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Business Ethics

Ethics in business entails responsibility primarily because any business activity involves dealings and other forms of relationships with other people. More importantly, the core purposes of any company and the...

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