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Electrolux Chief Executive

1. Communication holds the key to success everywhere and in every domain of life. Businesses rely on effective communication to take place between the managers and employees in order to...

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Email Communication

As explained earlier, emails can be used as an effective “word of mouth” marketing technique and employees can promote and propagate important messages quite easily and without much cost as...

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Сommunication tools

This paper sought to analyze the sort of publicity campaign which was made use of by Johnson and Johnson in order to initiate a nation-wide awareness campaign regarding the risks...

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Effective Communication Replacement

Every business or organization requires communication among its members that is effective and serves the needs of the organization. Effective communication is an important aspect of a company as almost...

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Type of communication

Business communication framework focuses on perspectives, types of communication, contexts and patterns. Communication in any business operates from three perspectives: one customer – supply chain relationships including both external and...

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Good Business

each and every individual within the workforce. There is the greater risk of being misunderstood with the kind of language one uses if one does not take cognizance of the...

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Concern for business

In the complexity of today’s businesses, one fundamental principle of success remains constant and that is the need for communication (Humes). For the past several years, the workforce within organizations...

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Effective Communication

Introduction             Effective managerial/Supervisory communication in one's workplace Communication is an important factor in the performance of an organization.  When plans and strategies are developed for the management of an...

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