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Fiscal period

The contract chosen by labor covers the terms every company offers, it chooses what looks to be a favorable term, and would use it as the standard for the negotiation....

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Pharmaceutical companies

Due to the competitive nature of the pharmaceutical industry, a systematic industry analysis using Harvard Business School competitive strategy professor Michael E. Porter’s model of “Five Competitive Forces” which will...

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Measure against Other Companies

Locating the right supplier is also another key success factor of Zara retail stores. This is the strategic positioning of the supplier in the chain basing on the ‘proximity model’...

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Companies i.e. Google’s

Careful analysis of the above factors will help in identifying major trends for different industries. The PESTEL framework which is most popularly used for such analysis or the external forces...

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Lean production in companies

Lean production has been broadly used in many manufacturing companies. It has been a source of efficient performance since its inception in 1980’s as a result of its close ties...

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Protect the oil companies

The article is about fuel efficiency and the views the congress, the people and the car makers have towards fuel efficient vehicles. This paper discusses the various views of the...

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Small companies

If we look at the figure above we can see that only 3% of the total respondents use no fraud detection tools. 37% of these respondents use up to 9...

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