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Consumer Motivation – The Biggest Loser

Hot topic:    Consumer Motivation - The Biggest Loser Presenters: Nattapong   Pan-ekwong (Moss)                     Yutthachai   Suwanmanee (Yutty) Why is this hot topic? Overweight and obesity have become world-wide concerns, especially in...

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Consumer behavior

After analyzing the country profiles, the team decided to choose Brazil against Singapore as the entry market. A set of marketing strategies were devised for the AutoZone, mainly by looking...

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Consumer Commission

Every business was created to make a profit. Managers are instructed by business owners to do whatever they can to achieve this goal. To protect consumers from over aggressive desires...

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Consumer Rights in a Car Sale

The case of Baljinder involves his purchase of a three year old Vauxhall Vectra from Atkins Motors for L6,000. Upon Baljinder’s inspection of the vehicle, the mileage of the car...

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Consumer Buying Behavior Marketers

This essay explains the high and low involvement products and goes into depth to how consumers make their buying decisions. Moreover, it analyses the differences between the purchasing decisions of...

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Consumer Behavior

This Assignment is in continuation with the assignment 1 regarding the social behaviours. In this assignment the social behavior related to tobacco smoking is selected and discussed. It is a...

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Concept of “commodity”

Concept of “commodity” Commodity can be defined as anything that is subject to trade or something that can be demanded by buyers, has some economic value and be both tangible...

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