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Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is essential in promoting trade and competition to further develop the world economy. Globalization has indeed linked more countries through the introduction of faster communication lines, in a...

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Google’s Corporate Culture

Since early 1990s, the notion of corporate culture has been used by professionals and researchers as the critical element determining the quality and effectiveness of the company’s performance (Cremer, 1993;...

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Small business

Being a small business owner has its perks. I never have to fear corporate downsizing. Many who experience this begin to take on more tasks at the same pay-rate or...

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Corporate FAQ

As any other corporate, McDonald’s has fought for its survival in the fast food business which is one of the businesses that has a lot of competition. One of the...

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A corporate change

It is too obvious for any individual to come across several changes which could be either a personal change or a corporate change. So, the smarter reaction would be to...

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Corporate enterpreneurship

Organizations have no choice but to adopt entrepreneurial strategies so as to gain competitive advantage over competitors through continuous innovation. Globalization and advancement in technology have resulted in intense competition...

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Corporate Values

JetBlue was founded in 1999 under the strategy to bring humanity back to air travel. The company’s purpose was to offer high quality airline service at a low cost. This...

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