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Customer obsession

Indeed, E-Grocery counts among its competitors large firms – including `adventure’ mega complexes and seasoned retail players capitalizing on brand strength and backed by decades of retailing experience and enormous...

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E-Commerce Customer Service

Technological change has been one of the driving forces of business activities in this fast changing international trading scenario. The revolution in information technology and the highly sophisticated communication networks...

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Customer building

List building. Customer’s will be required to supply their e-mail address to VirusShield when making purchases and when downloading products for the free trial period. In this way, VirusShield will...

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Exceptional customer service

Exceptional customer service results in greater customer retention, which in turn results in higher profitability. Customer loyalty is a major contributor to sustainable profit growth. To achieve success, you must...

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Customer contact

“The customer is always right” as the most used mantra goes and this illustrates the importance of a consumer in the operations of any kind of business. After all every...

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The Foci is the Customer

e-Commerce is a great way of building relationship with customers. Responsiveness of a company increases greatly as a result of e-Commerce. The company can react very promptly to customer requests,...

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Customer care and warranties

Cosmetic products are not placed under warranty conditions as soon as they are purchased by the customer. After Brazil adopted the Consumer Protection Law in 1992, all companies must guarantee...

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