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The Forgotten Group Member

1. How could an understanding of the stages of group development assist Christine in leadership situations such as this one? A group is defined as “a collection of people who...

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Development of New System

The increasing use of information technologies does not only provide benefits, as it involves various risks associated with various aspects like organization, people and technology. If all these issues are...

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Process of New System Development

The process of new system development involves following processes: 1. Development of Systems as Planned Organizational Change The establishment of a new system involves much more efforts than the establishment...

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Product Design and Development

From the producers’ perspective, packaging is also an important factor to consider. One of the major benefits of packaging is that it serves as a channel of distribution and provides...

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Future of Business…

In the World today the word ‘change’ is an everyday slogan. New firms, industries and companies enter the competitive market everyday. Each tries to pursue its selfish interest of making...

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Training and Development

Nokia Corporation believes that the skills and performance of employees and managers must be upgraded continually. Meeting this requirement involves training and development activities and appraising performance for the purposes...

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Development indicators

The graph below illustrates the GDP growth rates between the years 2001 and 2008 across the leading economies across the world. The global economic growth dropped marginally from 3. 9...

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Human Development and Business

Having an insight to what you truly believed is another way of driving oneself to attain his aspirations. Viewing ones goal as a force that will deliver enhancement of personality...

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