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E-commerce and its applications

The impact of globalization is increasingly being felt across all economic sectors and markets. Businesses are encountering massive changes in the globalized economy and are finding themselves in the midst...

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Types of E-Commerce

Innovations affecting consumers, include credit and debit cards, ATMs, stored value cards and e-banking. Innovations enabling online commerce are e-cash, e-check, smart cards and encrypted credit cards. These payment methods...

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Models of E-commerce

Suitably to Certain Products such as Software, market research, financial report, sports, etc. Suitability for Product subject to frequent changes, namely Air ticket, Financial instruments etc. Global Accessibility and Sales...

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E-commerce sites

Still, the experience of internet shopping is still imperfect for both the retailer and the consumer. One of the problems still omnipresent via e-tailing avenues is that of retailer misguidance....

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IT management and e-commerce

Password encryption, data protection against data hackers, confidentiality about debit and credit cards, are some of the important issues in IT management and e-commerce. UK businesses that send commercial communication...

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E-Commerce for Nestle

Nestle, one of the largest multi-national corporations with 200 operating companies and subsidiaries in 80 countries, has a crucial demand for a seamlessly integrated system which would foster strict regulations...

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E-Commerce and E-Business

Although these two terms are often interchanged -- which is only proper because these two indeed interact especially in the practical application of electronic communications and technology in business, the...

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e-Commerce website

The crux of the matter is that the e-Commerce website has to have the human touch of the human salesman. This is achieved through a process termed ‘personalization’. “Personalization technologies...

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