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China Economic Weekly

The country’s culture encompasses many elements which could undoubtedly affect the outcome during a foreign investment. These elements are as follows: Aesthetics Attitudes and beliefs Religion Material Culture Language Societal...

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he Lighthouse in Economics

An externality, in economics, is a factor that is not originally included in the transaction which caused a negative or a positive impact in the end. A negative externality is...

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Economic bubble

Economic bubble is an important concept within any economic framework. Basically, the importance of this aspect lies in the effect it endows in the broader economic functionality. To understand and...

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Economic report

This report is aimed at addressing recent economic events and economic reports. First is analysis of problems of unemployment rate, changes in general price level, total output of goods and...

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Economic Policy Advices

Micro economics is the matter of economics as it relates to companies, banks individual households and individual people. Some of the bigger aspects of microeconomics are the businesses, especially in...

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Economic Development of Rural Colorado

Over the last half-century, population decentralization in the U. S. has primarily manifested itself as а movement from central city to suburb within metropolitan areаs. Since the 1970s, population migration...

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Economic Analysis

From an overall perspective, the U. S economy has been undergoing a perpetual slum. There has been a dramatic slow down in economic activity; coupled with rising unemployment and falling...

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Economic systems

Marriage has also been an interesting system that varies among different cultures and nations. One remarkable type of marriage is that observed among Indians, who are known to inhabit almost...

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Economic pecking order

Within a capitalist society in which one’s economic standing determines such visible aspects of life as where one can live, the school to which one’s children are allowed to attend...

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