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Fundamentals of Economy

To determine the true health of economy, we should look at the most important fundamental variables and try to compare them. These variables will change year to year as international...

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Features of McDonaldization

The society is increasingly becoming globalized. It is no longer possible for nations and businesses to successfully participate in the development of the world economy using the principle of isolation....

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The ailing economy

With the US Economy still teetering at the verge of recession, the George Bush administration again resorted to tax rebates, as a means of salvaging the economy. In what the...

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Japan’s Economy Plunges

There might also be a need to change how management goes about promoting whatever their organization is bringing into the market, because when people encounter economic difficulty they tend to...

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Global Economy

The third problem is the issue of the handling on transit of the goods. The practice of taking care of the goods on transit can be found even in the...

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