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Key Financial Relationships

In a modern society, where everything can be explored in an instant, technology plays a primordial role. Advances in modern technology, specifically in telecommunications, have made people’s lives – from...

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Financial statements

The is however possibility of deferring costs still under IFRS. However, there appears to be more difficulty of capitalizing under IFRS because of the additional requirements that must complied. Hence,...

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Chief Financial Officer

Joe and Marge form a corporation and that each owns 50% of the corporate shares. Marge is the president and Chief Financial Officer and Joe is the Secretary. Both are...

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Financial synergies

Ms Beaumont was particularly interested in CD because acquiring it will provide both operating and financial synergies. The operating synergies include economies of scale, and the continuation of their high...

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Sunbeam Corporation

The American corporate world has been rocked by a series of financial frauds committed by the management. These frauds have led to the collapse of the corporations and unheralded investor...

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Financial trouble

This theory was developed by J. Stacey Adams and states that employee are motivated by their perception regarding the reward system used by the employer. As such, the theory suggests...

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