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The gambling industry

The gambling industry is one of the largest, most profitable and most lucrative businesses in the world today.  It is a form enjoyment and relaxation for some people while for...

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Oil Industry

In oil market the Buyer and supplier relationship can be defined as the management of materials and information both in and between facilities, such as vendors, manufacturing and assembly plants...

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Emerging Trends in the industry

Current market trends indicate that the specialty coffee industry is putting great emphasis in latest web technologies. Most companies now use b2b and b2c technologies to further smoothen the progress...

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Ethics in the Security Industry

The Security Industry has been considered as one of the most well-practiced business venture for all time. Since the birth of the said type of investing, businessmen worldwide are hooked...

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Ethics in the Oil industry

The oil industry and the multinationals dealing with crude oil are the most unethical businesses in the world. A controversial increase in oil prices is biting hard in many developing...

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Airline Industry Analysis

Before the commencement of the analysis, it is important to realize that the airline industry is a global industry with many players interacting in the market. These include airlines such...

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