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Industry Analysis

Competition, even as airlines stake out their positions in the global market, they are not immune to competition in their own backyard. Among the struggling airline industry, regional airlines such...

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Management industry

In developed countries, there are highly competitive environment which hotel sectors are currently operating. Groschl and Doherty asserted that there are problem of skilled work force and hotel specialists for...

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Manufacturing Industry

Ten new members joined the European Union as from 2004; these states were Latvia, Luthiana, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Poland, Czeck Republic, Estonia and Malta. These Central Europe countries which were...

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Аutomobile industry

The idea of this project is to present a feasibility study, organizations and recommendations of implementing a “Periodic Tyres Maintainance Awareness” program as service-added value of an existing tyre shop...

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Industry Association

Due to the inability of the employees to avoid risks and deal with emergencies, the government and the Canadian tourism commission incur heavy costs as they continue to promote the...

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Evolution in Canadian labor industry

The Canadian labor industry has undergone various transformations since the nineteenth century through the industrial revolution; the world wars to the present day organized and well regulated and coordinated postindustrial...

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Mobile telephony industry

In his posting “Exploring KM” Ramakrishna has given us a detailed analysis of how a KM initiative should be taken in a mobile company. Initially giving us a detailed overview...

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