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Leadership style

The research will gather both primary and secondary data, where surveys with questionnaire will bring the primary data. Apart from that data collected from literature review would be the accredited...

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Ethical Leadership

Institutions that teach ethical leadership need to have websites that are not only professionally designed, but they need to be easy to navigate and have relevant and accurate information A...

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Democratic leaders

While the democratic leadership style is often described as participative and is generally the style preferred by modern management and employees, the leaders who use this style tend to share...

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Ethical Leadership in Business

Ethical leadership refers to a type of leadership wherein the rights and dignity of others are being characterized as the basic foreground in making the decisions in the state of...

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Leadership in business

A1. The LMX model is a leadership model based on leader-member exchange. Managers can become more effective by using this model through the practical application of this model in the...

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Leadership of Southwest Airlines

Development of the Human Factor According to (Carter,1996), Human Resource Development falls in the category of activities that develop different personnel within an organization for example career wise, for training...

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