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Salary Report: Marketing Manager

From the data provided by the Salary Wizard in CollegeGrad. com, powered by Salary. com, the median compensation for a marketing manager in Foster, CA is $110,071 annually (CollegeGrad. com)....

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Flo Choi

Flo Choi             Depreciation is the systematic and rational allocation of tangible asset over the periods benefited by the use of the asset (Smith et al, 1998). Flo Choi, as...

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Starting a new business

It has been estimated that in order to effectively operate this new business, 1. 4 million $ shall be needed. Of this amount, the owner managers has managed to realize...

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Customer Service Manager

One of the essential pre-requisites for the role of a customer service manager is to have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the overall process and operational procedures that he...

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Operations general manager

That morning, there was a meeting planned at the labor board, between the management on the one hand, and the union on the other. However, this meeting got delayed after...

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The Front Office Manager

The complaints have basically the same tenor, which is, the members of the hotel staff are not behaving in proper manner and conduct when interacting with each other and when...

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Manager Interview

REGILENT Project Management and IT Services started its operation since 2006. Although it was once a software developing company, it shifted its focus from selling IT products and services to...

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