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B2C vs. B2B Marketing

It cannot be denied that the upsurge of the dot-com era has been ushered in by the intense usability and accessibility brought about by the Internet. Many businesses shaped up...

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The Marketing Strategy of Gazprom

The Marketing Strategy of Gazprom             Energy makes the world turn. There is nothing else that could move airplanes, railways, buses, cars, or even make a home function the whole...

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Internet Marketing

The internet is a series of computers linked together to join a network that transmits data by the method of packet switching using an internet portal. The internet portal is...

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Kingsford Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Considering the fact that Kingsford charcoal is a) a cash cow (high relative market share and low market growth) and b) price inelastic, we strongly recommend a total...

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Marketing Objectives

Having been awarded a loan of $400,000, the company still need $500,000 more money to pick up the project. This will be obtained from the contribution of the members of...

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