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Direct Marketing – Ethical Issues

When  certain  consumer-direct  channels  (CD)  are  used  to  reach  out  to  consumers  and  deliver  the  goods  to  them,  the  marketing  practice  is  termed  as  direct  marketing.  The  various  ways  of ...

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Ethical Marketing

Ethical  marketing  can  be  defined  as  an  honest  and  factual  representation  of  a  product,  in  the  context  of  the  social  and  cultural  values  of  the  place  where  it  is  being ...

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Ethical issues in marketing

Business  practices  have  come  under  an  unprecedented  amount  of  scrutiny  in  the  recent  times  owing  to  the  growing  awareness  about  ethics  and  environmental  as  well  as  social  sustainability.  In  the ...

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Ethical Challenges in Marketing

The company, Affordable Rubber Products should initially both be proud but utterly concerned about their rubber tie-down straps product as it indicates the flexibility and value given to the use...

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Effective Political Marketing

The recent presidential elections in America highlight the influence of marketing strategies on the outcome of the campaigns (Seidman, 2008). One of the key marketing strategies used by both camps...

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Credit card marketing

There are two limitations regarding the research and its design. The first one is related to the focus of research. There is no sufficient guarantee that the researcher would capture...

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Ethical Issue in Marketing

In an article entitled “The Discipline of Building Character”, there was an example of how character was built in the workplace by means of applying ethical concepts amidst risks in...

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Lush marketing report

Introduction Established in 1995, LUSH is dedicated to making fresh, organic toiletries that provide an ethical alternative to traditional methods of cosmetics production. The organization emphasizes handmade, organic products that...

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Search Marketing Techniques

Advertising is a field of industry that concentrates on campaigning or sponsoring products and service. Processes involved in advertising directed toward a particular audience include informing, influencing behavior and way...

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