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Organizational ethics issue resolution

Ethics of an organization is termed as the organizational ethics. This describes how a specific organization responds ethically to external and/or internal stimulus. The ethics of an organization testifies the...

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HRM for organization

Strategic international human resource management [SIHRM] system is designed in tune with the MNCs strategic competitiveness thereby achieving the probable balance between local demand and global integration. [Taylor et al,...

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Growth of an organization

“The importance of transformation of business organizations into learning organizations in order to effectively address the challenges posed due to globalization”. Learning has become an important characteristic of an organization...

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Diversity in organization

One of the key features of globalization is the interaction of people from different backgrounds having diverse cultures, beliefs, traditions and values. People differ in many aspects like age, gender,...

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The client organization

Moreover, these strategies are most cases recommended by the various practitioners in the field of human resource management. Such practitioners credibility depends mostly on their previous relationships with the client...

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