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Managing Modern Organization

In the contemporary  word,  the  structure  of  organizations  is  affected  by  various  factors. Firstly, it  is  affected  by  the  strategy  which  the  organization  employs  in  under  taking  its  operations. Strategy ...

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Organization Behaviors

Emirates Airline is an airline company owned by the Dubai government through the Emirates Group Companies. It was establish in 1985, and has since grown to an award wining company...

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Leading organization

Microsoft is a leading organization in innovative ideas; in fact, the company’s main vehicle for doing their business rests solely on innovation. Planning functions of the firm dictates that above...

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Business organization

Companies are also forms of business organizations. This involves many people who come together and contribute capital towards the formation and growth of a company. The strength of this form...

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The organization & work

Diversity in the workplace is essentially one of understanding and acceptance. It is the understanding and acceptance that the workplace is composed of individuals who are unique and different. Employees...

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Organizational and institutional support

Leca et al. ’s findings have exclusively dwelled on the “instrumentality” of leadership that is of utmost importance to deal with the organizational accountability in institutionalizing the entrepreneurship, which also...

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Technology KM

Utilizing such assets involves sharing knowledge among everyone involved within the organization as well as other companies to devise best practices. Although this concept says, nothing about technology KM is...

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World Trade Organization Analysis

As a temporary forum for trade negotiations, pending creation of the International Trade Organization (ITO), the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) endured for nearly a half-century until establishment...

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