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Organizational conflict

Organizational conflict is a state of discord among workers caused by opposition of needs, beliefs, or interests. Conflict takes many forms in an organization, such as misunderstandings between how work...

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American Express Organizational structure

The management of American Express Company is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of its Consolidated Financial Statements, which have been prepared in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted...

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Organizational Communication

The working conditions of workers in many organizations have been compromised since ancient time. Due to the harsh conditions which the employees were being exposed, it raised a lot of...

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Ethics, Organizational Culture

Ethics and Organizational Culture are very important drivers of the Municipal government. Ethics has gained a lot of priority in the modern local government because of the strong urge to...

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Organizational code

An organizational code of conduct contains rules, regulations and the discipline expectations of an organization from its employees. It basically stipulates what is and what is not accepted and consequences...

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Ethical Organizational Profile

One of the organizations that exemplify business ethics is the media industry. The The Daily News Bulletin is a news paper company that exhibits business ethics just any other media...

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