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The eBay Global Strategy

eBay started out as a host for an online marketplace intended for individuals, groups, or organizations who are interested in putting up their products or goods for sale. (Gomes-Casseres, 2001)...

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e-Business: Impact and Strategy

Rapid developments in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have ushered in the digital era wherein the Internet and the computer system have been applied extensively to bring about far-reaching changes...

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Bundling strategy

Second, by bundling products a seller can reveal information on the use and benefits of these products. Even when this informational bundle value does not immediately translate into higher bundle...

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Exploitation of Bundling Strategy

Gaeth et al. (1990) examined the overall evaluation of a bundle in terms of perceived quality, usefulness, and willingness to pay. The results of this study suggest that respondents evaluate...

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Bundling Strategy

However, and as long as consumer valuations are not perfectly correlated, bundling will also tend to reduce dispersion in consumers' willingness-to-pay when such valuations are independent or positively correlated (Nalebuff...

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Promotional strategy

Magazine advertising. VirusShield’s main advertising strategy will be magazine advertising. It will make use of popular magazines such as PCUser Magazine, InfoWorld, Netguide, and PC World to advertise its products....

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Ethics in corporate Strategy

Various ethical implications may characterize business that involves foreign entrances. By and large, the foreign business culture comprises various attributes that are of necessity highly influential in making choices of...

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