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The IS/IT strategy

Its conceptualized in three categories scope, competence and governance. a) Scope is the set of specific technologies which support the business strategy or which may shape new strategic initiatives in...

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Focus HighTech.Com General Strategy

The important consistent trend about commercial consultancy is that it is a fiercely competitive and highly volatile computer industry, to which the fortunes change continuously. As the driving forces towards...

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Expansion Strategy

This paper seeks to analyze and discuss a case study of `International strategy in the world pulp and paper industry`. The paper will attempt to answer the question: “Is the...

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On-line Marketing Strategy

The growth and popularity of the internet has become so rapid and vast that it covers almost everything there is in the world. During the early 90's the word “internet”...

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Business Level Strategy

The virtual drilling centers are an addition to the company’s cutting edge technology that enhances the drilling by monitoring, analyzing and directing drilling processes around the globe. This has been...

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Corporate Strategy

Since inception, ExxonMobil has sort to explore and produce energy in potentially lucrative and profitable opportunities in reservoirs around the world. In the world over, ExxonMobil has drilled wells, partnered...

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Citibank’s E-Business Strategy

Citibank changed its global strategy in 2000 because of stiffer competition and the dot com boom. However, their current E-business strategy is –Connect, transform and Extend (CABC, 2002). The core...

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Marketing Strategy

While a consumer is purchasing any commodity some facts and some details are kept in focus before analyzing the product. The consumers have choice and they find some functions in...

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