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Technology platforms

The next challenge facing the delivery of information is the relevance of the content and how far effective is it in communicating the message to the intended audience. Structuring the...

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Global E Business

Global E Business Question # 1             There was a need for the company to update its IT infrastructure because there was a lot of competition in the market and...

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Green Energy Technology Business

Green energy technology business refers to the use of environmentally friendly or non-polluting technologies to produce clean sources of energy for the purposes of energy production by the private sector...

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Lightwave Technology Inc

Lightwave Technology, Inc. is a lighting company owned by partners George Kinson and Dr. Schyler Weiss. The company focuses on marketing blue LED lighting products as a replacement for an...

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Currently Wal-mart provides

Before launching Smart bot, is banner advertisement will be placed at the Wal mart stores and on its website. It will also run a promo on Wal-mart website. IT centric...

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Revolution of business

The advent of globalization spearheaded the information age. It opened new opportunities leading to the revolution of business in the 21st century. Trading became easier due to the global ubiquity...

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Multi Touch Technology

The development of human technology has reached a new height. As Bill Gates have also revealed, people no longer interested in sophisticated gadgets which are hard to interact with. The...

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Information technology

With the advent of information technology where everything needs to be highly industrialized, organizations are implementing computerized systems which can help them achieve customer satisfaction and can help them to...

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