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Ethics in the Workplace

Ethical philosophies served as guide for people in the workplace to make moral decisions in conducting business. There are classical normative ethical philosophies as well as contemporary ethical philosophies being...

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Workplace Racial Discrimination

Employment racial discrimination refers to the illegal and unethical practice of making decisions against the employment rights and opportunities of the working group on the basis of age, sex, religion,...

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Beyond the Workplace

Voice – In unity there is strength because a group can be highly visible and their collective effort can result in something substantial. If one worker is unproductive, this behavior...

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Anger in the Workplace

In World War II, it so happened that all the men in the developed nations went to war who held high positions within the companies and industries, thus the workload...

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Workplace gossip

Workplace gossip can have lasting effects and impressions. The workers and employees are best advised to abstain from it so that these gossip conversations do not have lasting effects in...

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Workplace group

In my workplace group, I have observed that most of the time, conducting an open forum among the teachers, would turn out to be constructive. Everyone would participate, especially those...

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Workplace and Female Friends Group

According to Beckman, Bitsoff, Heineman and Scott (2003) “individuals who have relations to each other which make them interdependent to some degree is called a group, wherein each member share...

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