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The idea of this project is to present a feasibility study, organizations and recommendations of implementing a “Periodic Tyres Maintainance Awareness” program as service-added value of an existing tyre shop and garage. CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. Background of the Study In today’s increasing environmentally conscious society, environmental sustainability has become an objective both in public policies and business strategies (Barnett, 2008).

Businesses can be seen as having a major role to play in helping protect and enhance the environment. Paul Hawken a leading environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist and author worded that...

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... “Business is the only mechanism on the planet today powerful enough to produce the changes necessary to reverse global environmental and social degradation. ” (cited in Kaye, 2007, para. 8). Businesses have attained a level of influence over their consumers in such a way that they already be mindful of the effect of the same.

Truly, the social responsibility of business entity is not restricted to becoming aware of the social issues that are touched upon by business operations. Social responsibility also means being able to impart relevant knowledge to their customers so that they may also address social issues that are at hand. This at the same time builds a reputation as a socially responsible business and on the long run save money. In the area of automobile industry, even proprietors of tyre shops and garages have a social responsibility to their customers and to the society.

If one is to take time in knowing the harmful effects of failing to regularly maintain their car tyres, it will come into view that important social concerns, such as public safety and preservation of the environment, are affected by the topic of tyre maintenance. In proposing a periodic tyre maintenance program for the customers of the tyre shop, the aim is to facilitate, educate and inform all customers and target clients who themselves would like to play a part in making a difference to the future of our planet.

This idea may not be a novel one as many of such tyres maintenance and care initiatives may have already been implemented. In fact, most car manuals provide information on how owners can properly take care of and maintain their tyres. However, it is noted that the same does seem to be effective as many of car owners do not even get the chance to read the manuals that were given them.

Based on the survey that was conducted in pursuance of this study, 45. 3 per cent of the respondents never really check the tyre maintenance section of their car manuals while 39. 6 per cent of the respondents read said manual only when needed. This shows that the provision of manuals to consumers for purposes of informing them about tyre maintenance and its effect on environment and safety is not effective. There is a need for a better and more efficient alternative.

Hence, it is suggested that a periodic tyre maintenance awareness program be added as a feature in the existing tyre shop or garage frequented by car users in order for them to be effectively educated as regards the environmental and safety benefits that the same will make them reap. A research by the African Review of Business and Technology (2007) indicates that tyre maintenance makes road travel safer by protecting the lives of motorists and their passengers.

Numerous tyre pressure monitoring technologies have emerged in the marketplace and they offer significant potential. However, according to the research these technologies are no substitute for regular tyre maintenance. Additionally, tyre safety studies by the aforementioned also indicate that measures such as maintaining proper tyre pressure, observing tyre and vehicle load limits, and inspecting tyres for cuts and irregularities, help avoid tyre failure. Such measures also improve vehicle handling and fuel efficiency as well as increasing tyre life.

By offering a periodic tyre maintenance program to the consumers, the business entity will not only be fulfilling a social responsibility but will largely contribute to aiding the public in creating a difference in the society. B. Objectives of the Study In this day and age, driving an automobile does not simply mean operating an engine-powered machine. One would simply have to look outside of the house in order to realize that a lot of individuals in the community are car-owners. The effects of the growing number of car owners are tremendous as it now extends to environmental and safety-related issues of today’s society.

As pointed out poorly maintained tyres entail increase in fuel consumption, something that adversely affects the environment (African Review of Business and Technology, 2007; Sorum, 2008), Additionally, although it is easy to say that one must simply have to drive safely in order to prevent road accidents, it must be borne in mind that when it comes to the issue of safety, proper tyre maintenance should be an area that should be analyzed thoroughly. It is believed that this concern is not simply restricted to proprietors of automobiles, but more importantly, it is an issue that a proprietor of a tyre shop or garage should properly address.

It is the aim of this paper to present a tyre maintenance awareness program that will be an added to existing services being offered by a tyre shop. By offering said program as an added service, it is aimed to instruct the business entity of becoming socially aware and responsible to its customers; To impart the idea to the tyre shop that doing business does not only mean reaping benefits and deriving income, but likewise being aware of how the business can be used as a tool in making changes and differences in the society.

Ultimately, the program aspires to educate the customers, consumers and the general public of the importance of periodic tyre maintenance when it comes to cost-efficiency, sustainability and safety of car users. In addition to this, offering this program will also impart the knowledge on how regularly maintaining car tyres will be a big contribution to the preservation of the environment.

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