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1.6 Unit test for APUSH GCA

Which statement BEST describes the point of this late-19th century cartoon?
Major industry is in control of much of American government and society.
One of the main reasons John D. Rockefeller was able to succeed in the oil industry was because he
combined vertical and horizontal integration.
What term BEST describes the U.S. government’s policies towards businesses in the late 19th century?
By creating monopolies and establishing trusts, industrial leaders of the late 1800s
were able to accumulate vast amounts of wealth.
What group of immigrants arrived in large numbers on the U.S. west coast for the primary purpose of working on the Transcontinental Railroad in the 19th century?
The Pullman Strike (1894) was significant in American labor history because it showed that
the needs and concerns of union members mattered less to the government than the needs and concerns of industrial executives
During the late 19th century, urban political “machines” and those that ran them
promised business contracts, government jobs, and money for the poor immigrants in exchange for votes
The “New Immigration” to the United States in the late-nineteenth century refers to the increased numbers of people arriving from
Southern Europe
Organized in 1869.
· Terrance Powderly was a famous leader.
· Over 700,000 members at its peak.
· Favored 8-hour work day, opposed child labor.
· Fell from importance in 1890s.
These statements are describing
Knights of Labor

“To protect the workers in their inalienable rights to a higher and better life; to protect them, not only as equals before the law, but also in their health, their homes, workers, and as citizens; to overcome and conquer prejudices and antagonism; to secure to them the right to life, and the opportunity to maintain that life, the right to be full sharers in the abundance which is the result of their brain and brawn and the civilization of which they are the founders and the mainstay….”

– Samuel Gompers, President of the American Federation of Labor, 1898

Based on this passage, which issue facing laborers did Samuel Gompers want to focus on first?

obtaining higher wages
The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution were undermined by all of the following EXCEPT
Brown v. Board of Education
Which is a true statement about cities in the period between the Civil War and 1920?
Cities grew rapidly as both immigrants and native-born citizens sought higher paying jobs.
Where did most immigrants choose to live when they entered the United States in the late 1800s or early 1900s?Where did most immigrants choose to live when they entered the United States in the late 1800s or early 1900s?
in cities
Which had the greatest impact on the growth of cities and the expansion of cities to suburbs?
transportation innovations
How did Louis Sullivan and William Jenney change the face of American cities in the late 1800s?
They designed and built early skyscrapers.
Who is regarded as the leader of the settlement house movement?
Jane Addams
What was one of the goals of the settlement house movement?
to assist the urban poor
Which is not related to the goals and efforts of the Populist Party?
opposition to income tax
How do historians generally view populism?
as a failed movement that set the stage for some reforms
Which was not a goal of the Progressive movement?
establishment of a national bank
What is a muckraker?
an investigative journalist who wanted to uncover the truth about corruption
Which reformer was not a journalist who investigated corruption in business or government?
William Booth
Which was not a Progressive movement reform?
creating conservation zones within cities
What was a major reason for the cycle of debt and poverty most sharecroppers experienced despite their hard work?
Sharecroppers had to buy everything from the landowners who charged exorbitant prices
What did Jim Crow laws, poll taxes, and literacy tests have in common?
They promoted segregation and fewer rights for blacks
Which African American activist seemed to condone segregation but strongly believed in schooling for blacks and founded the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute
Booker T. Washington
What was significant about the 1896 Supreme Court ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson?
approved segregation as long as blacks had “separate but equal” facilities.
Which was not an achievement of W.E.B. Du Bois?
first African American to appear before the Supreme Court
What did Marcus Garvey advocate for blacks?
black-owned businesses and separation from whites
Which was a philosophy of early women suffrage leaders Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony?
bar men from membership in their organization and gain immediate women’s suffrage
What strategy did Carrie Chapman Catt employ to promote women’s suffrage?
flexible state-by-state strategy
Which amendment gives women the right to vote?
Which factor most strongly encouraged settlement of the West in the late 1800s?
free or cheap land
What discoveries attracted settlers to the west in the late 1800s?
What was the main reason that people decided to leave their homes and head west in the late 1800s?
economic opportunity
What part did railroads play in western settlement in the late 1800s?
They provided jobs, brought in immigrants, and connected markets.
How did western settlement affect Native Americans?
Western settlement continued to force Native Americans from their lands.
Which technique was one way Andrew Carnegie dominated the American steel industry in the late 1800s?
vertical integration
Which of the following was not a business practice employed by the titans of industry in the late 1800s?
developing international cartels
What agency was established to regulate railroad rates across the nation?
Interstate Commerce Commission
What was the purpose of the Sherman Antitrust Act?
to eliminate any agreement or contract that restrained trade
What was the basic message of Andrew Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth?
It is the duty of the rich to use their wealth for the common good.
What is laissez-faire economics?
the idea that business operates best without regulation
Which was not a hazard faced by industrial workers in the late 1800s?
high unemployment
What did the federal government do in response to union-led strikes?
acted quickly to end strikes, using both the courts and federal troops
What was a difference between the first wave of immigrants to the United States and the second wave that began in the late nineteenth century?
The first wave came largely from northern and central Europe; the second wave came largely from southern and eastern Europe
How did immigration through Ellis Island differ from immigration through Angel Island?
Europeans came through Ellis Island, received physicals, were interviewed, and were processed efficiently.
What did the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Dillingham Report indicate about nativist reaction to immigration?
There was prejudice against immigrants.

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