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146 – 4

Most people can attain the perfect body if they “eat right”
A few pounds of excess weight may not be harmful to people who are healthy and physically active exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.
In order to effectively reduce body fat percent a calorie reduction plan must be combined with an exercise program
Recommended body weight is best determined based on
The percent of body fat and lean tissue
Minimal amount of body fat needed for normal physiological function is called
Essential fat
A person can gain weight on a calorie control and exercise program because
Lean weight is gained
Most of the blame for the alarming increase in obesity in the U.S. lies in
Over eating and physical inactivity
Body composition incorporates
All of the above
The mechanism that appears to regulate how much a person weights is known as
Set Point
Very low calorie diets usually are
Known to reduce metabolism
The body fat/weight setpoint may be lowered by
Eating high fiber foods
The weight lost while wearing a rubberized suit or sitting in a sauna is mostly _______ weight
Weight management is accomplished by
Making a lifetime commitment to physical activity and proper food selection
The typical amount of essential fat in men is ____ percent of the body
The typical amount of essential fat in women is ___ percent of the body
The major risk associated with low carb diets is an increased risk of heart disease because
High protein foods are often high in fat
The Energy-balancing equation principle indicates that as long as calorie input:
Equals calorie output, the person will not gain or lose weight
For successful weight loss
60-90 minutes of daily activity are reccomended
A technique used to assess body composition in a Bod Pod is called:
Air Displacement
Obesity increases the risk of
All of the above
When the body uses protein instead of a combination of fats and carbohydrates as a source of energy
A large amount of weight loss is in the form of water
One pound of body fat represents ________ calories
Losing non-REM sleep will cause ones immune system to deteriorate
Growing children, athletes and injured people all need more sleep because growth and healing occur during non-REM sleep
Fatigue is the number one cause of fatal crashes in young drivers ages 18-25
True (b)
Which of the following is not a part of a healthy sleeping environment?
cats/dogs sleeping with you
Which is not true about sleep deprivation and school performance
Students get more work done if they sleep fewer hours
How many hours of sleep per night should adolescents get?
7-8 hours
17-19 hours without sleep causes performance errors that are equal to or worse than a blood alcohol content of
Many hormones are excreted during sleep. Two hormones Ghrelin and Leptin work together to control appetite. When one is sleep deprived what happens to each hormone?
Ghelin increases while Leptin decreases

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