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Network and Security Overview

Network and Security Overview             There is not doubt that most companies rely heavily on the help of computer desktops that are networked to efficiently complement the overall operation of...
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Computer progression

The computer has enjoyed a period of concentrated development over the past 70 years. It has gone through several stages of development, from using vacuum tubes as amplifiers (Schoenherr, 2004)...
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Culture, Conflict and Managing Change

Conflicts seem to be inevitable in the modern day organizations. Conflict resolution, rather, conflict reduction, seems to be the main focus of the present day organizations seeking information and innovation...
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The concept of trust in e-commerce

The society today highly depends on the efficiency and affectivity of the technology used. One product of innovation is the service provided by the Internet. Internet mainly provides a channel...
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Information Technology

It is definitely true that an IT strategy focused on maintaining a cutting-edge technology position is the most effective way to support any kind of overall business strategy. Studies proved...
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Outsourcing in Business

The outsourcing decision for software evolution in an organization is quite crucial for the gaining of certain advantage however the demerits of this system are quite large. Information strategy for...
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Critical IT Decisions

The organizational politics and governance is a balancing act to effectively make a critical decision within the corporate structure for a better outcome. Author Paul Strassman, a former senior management...
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Critical Incident Management

Critical incident management is the coordinated approach used in addressing the influence and implications of traumatic events and their threat that have various levels of potential harms to the lives...
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