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Forest Management Planning

Forest management is use of forests in a way that maintains their productivity, their capacity to regenerate, strength and their possibility to accomplish ecological, social and economic function at present...
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Marketing Plan for E-Harmony

Flexible and complex social systems have affected people and how they look for partners. Proximity used to be the primary factor in relationships. The more individuals are exposed to certain...
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Marketing Paper

Marketing plays a very important role in business operations. It is an activity by which as organization could be able to communicate through their clients in order to inform them...
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Harvard Business School

The learning’s from the article “Marketing Myopia” written by Theodore Levitt a lecturer in Harvard Business School in the 1960s is very much relevant even in today’s hyper competitive global...
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Product Management

The idea of having your own personal flying machines that at one time seemed impossible is seen turning into a reality in today’s times. This concept has been promoted since...
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Pricing strategy

There was strong reliance on the positive media response to the product before its launch that no market studies were made to determine the extent of pick-up of the product...
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Marketing Mix: Pricing Strategies

The essence of the marketing mix is for managers to center decisions around the parameters of product, price, place and promotion (4Ps) in the context of internal and external environmental...
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Marketing Mix of Starbucks

The Starbucks Corporation with its logo on all of its shop fronts, coffee cups and bottles of beverages is a seller of the Starbucks Experience – a high quality combination...
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Market Segmentation

The website as the product has colorful and attractive web design which at the same friendly-user because all needed information is provided in just one click. Its terms and condition...
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Marketing Strategy

As a preliminary, the website must be able to conduct business transaction as efficient as possible with its clients; this includes the ability of the website or the system to...
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