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Functions of Credit

Companies also use long-term credits. The major form of long-term credit is bonds. It is usually used by large companies. Under bonds, there are other forms. One of the most...
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Include line of credit

Loans are also a form of credit. Loans generally are classified either secured or unsecured. Traditionally, unsecured loans are more common. But actually, there is no such thing as unsecured...
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Business firms

The most common type of credit that most business firms use is short-term credit. It is generally cheaper than long-term capitals, and is easier to obtain. But this type of...
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Effort-to-performance expectancy

Selection and promotion of other leaders can also be categorized as an ‘Effort-to-performance expectancy’. This is also a combination of ‘Reward system’ through promotion and individual recognition of their ‘belongingness’...
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Product consumer

This is the kind of perception that dove is advocating for every person. Dove does not only specify beauty product consumer but every person’s judgement and self-esteem. This commercial gives...
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The Dove Evolution commercial depicts

The Dove Evolution commercial depicts a fair Caucasian blonde woman, in her twenties, given a “general overhaul” through make-up, her eyes given highlight through eyeliner and eye shadow, her hair...
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Nationwide Insurance Company

Analysis: The TV ad presents a multi-cultural commercial of two contestants and audience showing an Asian lady and a Caucasian guy trying to outdo each other in booking a hotel...
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