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21: New deal

all of the statements about roosevelt’s grow pot advisers known as the brain trust are true except
the brain trust believed that large corporations needed to be dismantled
by 1935 , the new deal
faced mounting pressures and criticisms
critics of the new deal included all of the following except :
frances perkins
during 1934 , the great wee of labor strikes included all of the following groups except :
during the 1932 elections :
FDR called for a balances govt. and criticized hoover for excessive govt. spending
during the the roosevelt administration , the democratic party emerged into a coalition that included all of the following except :
the business elite
fearing the growth of the communist party in America, congress passed the :
smith act
federal housing policy
reinforced residential segregation
in 1938 , congress est. the house un american activities committee , which
subscribed to an expanded definition of un-American that included liberal democrats and labor organizers
in fireside chats and public adresse, president roosevelt equated freedom with
economic security
in his 1932 campaign for the presidency , franklin d. roosevelt promised americans a policy change he called the
new deal
in john steinboks piece about the dust bowl , he explained that migrants were hated for all of the follow reason except :
they were primarily immigrants
in the presidential election of 1936 :
the so called new deal coalition reelected FDR in a landslide
Keynesian economics
relied on large scale govt. spending
liberalism during the new deal came to be understood as :
active govt. to uplift less fortunate members of society
most historians agree that a recession reoccurred in 1937 bc roosevelt :
increased govt spending
new deal housing policy
was a remarkable departure from the housing policies of previous administration
roosevelt court packing plan :
was criticized by many
the agriculture adjustment act :
raised farm prices by establishing quotes and paying farmers not to plant more
the american liberty league :
protested president roosevelt policies
the civilians conservation corps
put young men to work in national parks
the congress of industrial organization
created union of industrial workers
the fair labor standards act institute all of the following changes except :
it est. the 50 hours workweek
the first new deal
was a series of experiments, some of which succeeded and some of which failed
the first thing that roosevelt attended to as president was the
banking crisis
the glass steagall act
est. the federal deposit insurance corporation
the great depression and the economic crisis that ensued discredited supporters of
unregulated capitalism
the indian new deal
included the indian reorganization act of 1934
the national industrial recovery act :
est. codes that set standards for production , prices , and wages in several industries
the new deal concentrated power in the hands of :
the executive branch
the new deal failed to generate :
an economic recovery
the new deal :
included a reliance on economic planning
the popular front :
was a political and cultural movement associated with the communist party
the scottsboro case :
reflected the racism that was prevalent in the south during the 1930s
the second new deal :
focus on economic recovery
the shares our wealth movement was :
led by Louisiana senator Huey long and gained a national following
the sit down strike was :
part of the successful strategy that organized the auto industry
the social security act of 1935 :
included old age pensions, unemployment relief with dependent children
the Tennessee valley authority :
combined economic regional planning with relief
the Wagner act
created the national labor relations board
the works progress administration :
included projects in the arts
under new deal reform, african americans :
were mostly excluded from social security benefits
under the new deal, women :
played a more visible role in national politics
Upton Sinclair
was head of the end poverty in CA movement
what ended the great depression ?
ww2 spending
what factor contributed to the growth of union membership in the 1930s?
workers militancy and the tactical skills of a new generation of leaders
what replaced liberty of contract as the judicial foundation of freedom by the end to the new deal
civil liberties
when Mary McLeod Bethune remarked that the new deal offered african americans a new day ,she :
expressed the hope for change despite continued discrimination in federal housing and employment
which act or organization barred commercial banks form becoming involved in the buying and selling of stocks ?
the glass – steagell act
which group welcomed black members and advocated the passage of antilynching legislation and the return of voting rights to southern blacks ?
the congress of industrial organization
which new deal program put the federal govt for the first time in the competition with private competitions?
the Tennessee valley authority
which phrase best describes leaner roosevelt’s tenure as first lady ?
redefined the role of first lady, championing women right, civil rights, and human rights
which program employed white collar workers and professional including doctors, writers and artists ?
the works progress adminstration
which statement about the indian new deal is false :
it continued the policy of the dawes act
which statement about the new deal is true ?
social security was a 2nd new deal program
which statement about the social security act is false ?
it was extremely original in concept
which statement best describes Huey Long, Upton Sinclair , and Dr. Francis Townsend
they all challenged Roosevelt to move further to the left of the center
which statement is true about the UAW sit down strikes?
the workers stayed inside the plants and kept the machines in working order
which 2 new deal program did the supreme court rule unconstitutional
agriculture adjustment act and national recovery administration
which was not a new deal program
the congress of industrial organization
why did FDR try to change the balance on the supreme court
he feared that the supreme court might invalidate the Wagner and Social Security Act

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