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476 CH1

argued that the major activities of management and leadership are played out differently; but both are essential to an organization*
argued that leaders and managers are distinct; they are different types of people*
leaders power to provide pay raises and promotions is*
what type of power did bill gates have when he and paul allen started microsoft*
defining leadership as a process means
it is a transactional event
the following is not one of the classifications for a definition of leadership*
an artistic process
the primary functions of management are*
planning, organizing, staffing, and controlling
some positive communication behaviors that account for successful leader emergence are
being informed, initiating new ideas
leadership definitions have evolved during the 20th century in the following way:*
leadership research peaked in the 1980s
fisher associates all of the following positive communication behaviors with emergent leadership, except:
establishing roles
you are told you need to work weekends. your supervisor gives you a pay raise in return. what type of power is your supervisor using?*
leadership is a phenomenon that takes place in the context of the interaction between leaders and followers. this viewpoint would suggest leadership is accessible by all*
You really enjoy working for your boss and look up to her or him as a role model. You are more than willing to work hard for the organization because of your relationship with your boss. This is an example of*
Personal Power
On the way to track practice you get pulled over for speeding. When you arrive to practice late, the coach makes you run laps. This is an example of*
coercive power
Often leadership occurs within a context where one individual influences a group of others to accomplish goals. Which best describes this component of leadership?
leadership occurs in groups
Watson and Hoffman’s study on leadership emergence with regard to gender-biased perceptions would suggest:*
there continues to be barriers to womens emergence as leaders in some settings
Kotter suggested that management produces_______ and ________.*
Order and consistency
Although there are clear differences between management and leadership,*
two constructs overlap
In which way will leadership and power be approached in upcoming chapters?*
as a relational concern for both leaders and followers
Social identity theory would suggest leadership emergence occurs when:
D) They become most like the group prototype.
Understanding the nature of leadership has proved to be quite the challenge for practitioners and researchers because:
D) It is a highly valued phenomenon that is very complex.
Your parents and older siblings are all successful elected officials. After graduation, it is suggested by many that you should seek office and, in turn, offer you their support. Which best describes the leadership approach being demonstrated?*
C) Trait perspective
As captain of the soccer team, your primary concern is winning games and maintaining the strength of the team. Your players could care less about teamwork and just want to win. Which component of leadership would you recommend the leader focuses on?*
common goals
The leader is at the core of group change and activity, representing the backbone of the group or organization. Leadership is viewed as:
A) Focus of group processes
Who is said to actually engage in leadership?*
C) Leaders
The research on leadership generally has found it to be a relatively simple process.*
More than 60 different leadership classification systems have been developed.*
Leadership occurs in both large and small groups.*
According to Burns, followers should remember that their leaders are above them and act accordingly.*
The earliest leadership theories in the 20th century emphasized control and centralization of power.
The view that leadership is a behavior rather than a trait emerged in the 1930s.*
An individual perceived by other group members as influential can only be an assigned leader, not an emergent one.*
A boss by definition usually has position power over subordinates.*
Leaders who use coercion are generally mostly interested in their own goals, rather than those of subordinates.*
Kotter argues that managerial and leadership functions are really quite similar.*
A factor common to the leadership classification systems is the view of leadership as a process of influence.*
Followers usually are responsible for maintaining the relationship with leaders.*
The process definition of leadership states that certain individuals have inborn qualities that differentiate them from nonleaders.*

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