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Which technology transparently distributes traffic across multiple servers by using virtual IP addresses and a shared name?
Network Load Balancing
To configure an NLB cluster after installing NLB on the Windows Server 2012 computer, you must configure three types of parameters. Which of the following is not one of the three you must configure?

Host parameter
Cluster parameter
Firewall rules
Port rules

Firewall rules
Which PowerShell cmdlet is used to delete an NLB cluster?


When you configure port rules for NLB clusters, you will need to configure all of the options listed here, except for one. Which option in this list will you not configure for a port rule?

-The virtual IP address that the rule should apply to
-The TCP or UDP port range that this rule should apply to
-The node IP address the rule should apply to
-The protocols that this rule should apply to, including TCP, UDP, or both

-The node IP address the rule should apply to
In which NLB cluster operation mode is the MAC address of every node’s network adapter replaced with a single shared MAC address?
Which cluster operation mode is designed to prevent the network switch from flooding with traffic?
IGMP Multicast
Which NLB control command would be the correct one to use to gracefully prepare a node for a planned maintenance activity?
What is the function of port rules in an NLB cluster?
They define which ports are balanced among the hosts of the cluster
A production-ready failover cluster requires what minimum number of nodes?
What type of quorum configuration can sustain the loss of one-half of the cluster nodes (rounded up), minus one?
Node Majority
In a failover cluster configured on Windows Server 2012, how are heartbeats transmitted?
UDP port 3343 unicast
When failover clusters connect to, and use, a shared storage device using Fibre Channel, what name is given to the Fibre Channel network?
The fabric
How are storage devices typically assigned to only a single cluster on the network?
By using LUN masking or zoning
In a cluster with an even number of nodes, what must be used to break ties during node failure?
A witness
What mode of Cluster Aware Updating has an administrator triggering the updates manually from the orchestrator?
Remote-updating mode
What name is given to the most basic and smallest configurable unit that may provide a service to clients in a cluster?
Cluster resource
Why is it not recommended to install Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) on cluster nodes?
AD DS does not require clustering for fault tolerance
What new management functionality is introduced with SMB 3.0?
PowerShell cmdlets for SMB
How does the Scale-Out File Server provide for multiple nodes to access the same volume at the same time?
CSV and CSV cache
How does the selection of the preferred node affect failover of the cluster resources?
Allows you to control which node the resources come online on after a failure
If a monitored VM is gracefully restarted on its current Hyper-V host and it subsequently fails again, what will VM Monitoring next attempt?
Move the VM to another cluster node and restart it again
When configuring a cluster to provide highly available Hyper-V services, which of the following hardware requirements must your server hardware meet?
Provide hardware-assisted virtualization
Which SMB 3.0 feature minimizes processor utilization when performing large file I/O operations?
SMB Direct
If you want to use an exported VM as a template to create multiple VMs, what should you do on the source VM before performing the export?
Run sysprep
You want to use Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 SP1 in your network to allow you to perform P2V migrations. What operating system must you install on the server to house SCVMM?
Windows Server 2012 only
When performing a Live Migration using the “Move the virtual machine’s data by selecting where to move the items” option, which advanced option would be the best to choose to ensure that the folder structure remains the same on the destination server after the LM completes?
Move the VM’s data automatically
When performing a Live Migration using the “Move the virtual machine’s data by selecting where to move the items” option, which advanced option would be the best to choose if you need to select a specific location on the destination server for each of the VMs to be moved to?
Move the VM’s hard disks to different locations
When performing a VM import operation, which option is best selected when you are working from an exported VM template that you will be importing more than once?
Copy the virtual machine (create a new unique ID)
The High Availability Wizard allows you to configure several pre-selected high availability roles in a cluster. Which of the following are options that are available to choose from? (Choose all that apply)

WINS Server
Exchange Server
SQL Server
Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC)

Exchange Server
Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC)
When creating a new General Use File Server role, which SMB settings are enabled by default, but can be disabled if desired? (Choose all that apply)

Enable access-based enumeration
Encrypt data access
Enable continuous availability

Encrypt data access
Enable continuous availability
In regard to Live Migration, which two prerequisites must be met before attempting the Live Migration?
All hosts must use processors from the same manufacturer
All hosts must support hardware virtualization
What two factors are the primary items impacting the speed of a Quick Migration? (Choose two answers)
The speed of the network between the source and destination servers

The amount of memory that needs to be written to disk

Which of the following VM file formats can be migrated using the V2V method by Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager? (Choose all that apply)

Citrix XenServer

Citrix XenServer

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