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A Study of Human Resource Management Essay

The basis of human resource management is finding, developing, supporting and retaining a workforce that helps meet organizational goals. This process includes motivating employee performance and developing future managers and leaders in an ever-changing environment. Human resource management supports organizational goals by providing a motivated, satisfied workforce and by meeting the work and family needs of these employees where possible. Particular functions include downsizing, out-placement, retirement, management succession, and compensation, evaluations and resource planning.

Recruitment is the discovery of potential applicants for actual or anticipated organizational vacancies. The two goals of recruiting are to generate a large pool of applicants from which to choose while simultaneously providing enough information for individuals to self-select out of the process. The primary purpose of selection activities is to predict which job applicant will be successful if hired. During the selection process, candidates are also informed about the job and organization. Proper selection can minimize the costs of replacement and training, reduce legal challenges, and result in a more productive work force.

The principal sources of recruiting employees include internal as well as external sources. This process of recruitment and selection has to be carried out extremely carefully as it provides the brains behind all the

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resources utilized by an organization. To study the process in depth, in a diversified sphere, we selected Al Noor Hospital, with its broad base of human resource as well as a dedicated department for the process, emphasizing its importance and detail. AL – NOOR HOSPITAL The Al-Noor Hospital occupies a pivotal place in the medical Network of United Arab Emirates and is contributing in major ways to social development.

The purpose of this institution is to provide high quality medical services and develop research and developing world at internationally accepted academic standards. Consistent with its academic mission to promote the welfare of the people of UAE and other developing countries, AL-Noor provides on job training of health services and development of researchers. MISSION STATEMENT OF THE DEPARTMENT The Recruitment Department aims to assist supervisors/ department heads in recruiting and selecting suitably qualified high caliber doctors and staff for vacant positions in a timely manner:

The Department achieves this by: ? Helping the institution assess its immediate and long-term human resource requirements and ensuring that it has an appropriate number of qualified employees to fulfill these requirements. ? Providing opportunities to our existing employees to apply for vacant positions in the Institution so as to motivate them and help them learn new skills for their further career development. ? Selecting the best candidates for the job purely in merit with no discrimination on any basis. RECRUITMENT PROCESS

Recruitment and selection is a planned way in which the organization interfaces with the external supply of labor. In fact, the quality of the organization’s Human Resource depends on the quality of its recruits, which makes the importance of recruitment crystal clear. Actually, RECRUITMENT is a process of finding, seeking and attracting a pool of people from which qualified candidates for the job vacancies can be chosen. The process begins when new recruits are sought and ends when their applications are submitted.

The result is a pool of applications from which new employees are selected. Most organizations have the recruitment function managed by the Human Resource department. In an hour, when the focus of most organizations has been on the efficient and effective running of the organization, recruitment of the right person for the job is the top priority. It is also because of the fact that the process of recruitment incurs significant cost, so it is natural for organizations to pay attention to these activities from cost-effective point of view.

In this regard, function of Recruitment & ManPower Planning of AL-Noor, also headed by the department of HRM. In this way, Human Resource Department of Al-Noor, is overall Monitoring its 5 departments, which are all independent in its internal functioning but ultimately, have to co-ordinate, support and report to the Human Resource Director. Every department has its own goals and aims that are targeted to support the overall corporate objective.

Recruitment and Manpower Planning Department comprises of total 17 people, who are responsible to manage the process of finding and attracting reliable, responsible and value adding people to the organization. Although, Al-Noor is usually known for its medical facilities, but in fact, AL-Noor is also engaged in other activities, which makes it one of the largest organizations of the country. Actually, AL-Noor can be sub categorized in 3 main units: Out of these, Academics are further divided into medical and school of Nursing. Thus, in this way, due to the nature of business i.

e. serving humanity without earning profits, Al-Noor recruitment department is very particular, not only finding variety of peoples with different skills and backgrounds but also seek people who are really dedicated, sincere and devoted to the corporate objectives of the organization. Since we are interested specifically in the process of HR Management & recruitment/selection being carried out at Al-noor, we will only be expressing in detail the organogram of their Recruitment and Selection Department, which forms a part of their “Personnel Division”, as mentioned earlier.

Specifically, Recruitment & Manpower planning is headed by the department Manager, who directly reports to the director of Human Resource Management. Moving downwards in the hierarchy, there are 5 persons, who are supervised by the manager. Out of these 5 persons, one is Personnel Assistant, who in fact, assists and helps out the manager, in all official affairs. Further, there are two Assistant Managers, one of them deals with the recruitment of the Hospital, while the second one deals with senior faculty on Academic side.

Other than these two Assistant Managers, there is a post of Senior Personnel Officer, who deals with the General Administration of the whole organization. As Al-Noor is a large organization, in which there is a large number of female employees. The magnitude of the organization’s recruiting efforts and the methods to be used in them are determined from the Human Resource Planning process and the requirements of the specific jobs to be filled. In this regard, job analysis gives the nature and requirements of specific job.

Actually, job analysis is a process of finding out, what is involved in the job that is now vacant. During conducting the exercise of job analysis, Al-Noor keeps firmly in mind the justification for the job in the light of current and future organizational need. Therefore, corporate strategic considerations of Al-Noor are the guiding force for them, to analyze the job. After analyzing and defining the job, the next step is of the preparation of job description, which means an outline containing the task, responsibilities and conditions involved during the job.

Thus, job description is a foundation stone for a number of Human Resource practices, ranging from selection to pay determination and training. Supply of Human Resource Further, job description is also very helpful in creating the portfolio of best-desired person, i. e. job specification. Actually, first analyzing the job, then defining the job description and finally specifying the attributes and skills of the required person, is the preparation for filling out the requisition form. In fact, requisition form is a document required to be filled out by the manager of that department, where recruitment is needed.

It describes the reasons for the need to hire a new person and the requirements of the job. As Al-Noor is a large organization, it needs different types and skills of people for different nature of the jobs. Thus, to simplify the whole procedure department manager officially requests (by filling out the form) the Human Resource Manager to take action, for filling a vacant position. In this context, after filling the form from department manager, it goes to check out the Human Resource Budget (i. e. HRB).

In this procedure, it is checked out whether recruitment is required because of a position of another person falling vacant or a new position is coming out, and if it is a new position then either it is already planned in current Human Resource Budget or not. If not then what are the reasons and requirements of the department, due to which hiring becomes necessary. After being approved by the department responsible for HRB, it comes to the Recruitment and Manpower Planning where different methods are used to attract and find the required people.

According to the need and nature of job, the managers of departments are filling different kinds of “requisition forms”. These are based on job analysis and description to specify the requirement of best candidates. In this way, keeping in mind the requirements given in the requisition forms, budget and time, recruitment department apply different methods to attract the required pool of people or potential employees. METHODS OF RECRUITMENT IN Al-Noor Universally, there are two sources of recruitment, i. e. internal & external.

And like every method both have some advantages including some disadvantages. In the same way, Al-Noor also uses both sources to get the best-required people. Due to the nature of the business, Al-Noor seeks people who are reliable, sincere, devoted and can dedicate their career for the corporate goal & strategic aims, that’s why Al-Noor is more often use method of internal recruitment. In this way, recruitment of administration side of all categories is mainly occurred through internal sources and references.

In this regard, employees are being informed for job vacancies by posting a notice in central locations and giving a specified period to apply for the job. Further, recruitment through external sources are being used for faculty, interns/ residents and administration (for higher post). Since Al-Noor, is a specific community based organization, that’s why their networking is very strong, and usually they prefer to hire a person at least through references of existing employees, which provides reliability, sincerity and dedication from the employee side.

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