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A successful future Essay

Experiences in life are intended to make us better. I believe that everything that happened in my life gave me meaningful lessons which I can utilize to achieve a successful future. My name is (insert name of student here) and I wish to further my studies in the field of (insert name of course here) at the University of St. Thomas. There are many factors as to why I wanted to be accepted in this school. My first visit at St. Thomas gave me an amazing experience that I will never forger. It gave me an urge succeed with excellent and higher education.

Everything that a person wishes to happen in life comes at the right time and with a great purpose. On my part, I believe that it is possible for me to reach all my goals because I was motivated by one of the counselors of St. Thomas. As I recall our conversation the said counselor told me in confidence that: “St. Thomas believes that every student can succeed” these words gave me faith and reason for my success. My first visit at St. Thomas made my future more visible to me. The first thing that came across my

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mind when I visited St.

Thomas was: “Yes, I can succeed and I will”. My personal and academic experiences motivated me to pursue success in life. My education began in a boarding school in India. I strive hard to give my best shot because I am being educated in a small classroom environment. Regardless of the difficulties, I learned a lot from the said type of learning because of the one on one attention with my teacher. Enough focus was given on my educational needs which helped me every step of the way. I attended boarding school when I was 5 years old up to when I was 9.

After attending boarding school we move out from India to the United States of America where I started in 6th grade. The transition from boarding school to my new school gave me some struggles to deal with. Being in a new educational environment gave me difficulties to adopt with the new school, new friends and new lifestyle. Despite all the hardships, I persevere in coping up with the developments in my studies and considered everything as a challenge for me. I remained optimistic and considered each change as vital for my growth as an individual and a promising student.

My performance since then up to middle school was outstanding. I managed to stay ahead of the class to the fact, that in India my studies were much challenging and after I moved here it was all I had done before. I also participated in other school activities like basketball, track and cross-country. As I progress and reach high school, I eventually made it to be an outstanding student also. I was also involved in high school activities such as dance, color guard, band and clubs such as Latin club, aquatic science club, student counsel, prom committee.

Unfortunately, my health conditions came across the way which made my performance drop. I was in my senior year when my family and I found out the reasons behind my gradually dropping grades and strength after my pre calculus teacher called my house and explained to my parents about my dropping grades, especially when math was my favorite subject and my best. I use to fall asleep in class couldn’t concentrate due to the heaviness of my head, feeling as if I was under water. Medical findings were soon revealed to me and my family.

Upon moving to the United States, I incur severe allergies and the doctors told me that those allergies are just normal and can be experienced by people who transfer from one country to another and experiences sudden change of environment. My parents did not know any better, so as years passed and I lived on with my allergies. Each day had passed and I experience having allergies not just seasonally but every single day till 2005. I also had a stuffy nose, runny nose wherein my allergies in all that time was built in to nasal polyps.

I had polyps in all of my sinuses all my sinus cavities were completely blocked and I use to have major headaches. It was a very hard experienced for me to deal with and I know that I need to seek for more medical advises because of that. For the firs time, I went to an ENT and he was amazed by my CT scans, he said he had never seen anything like this before. The findings come up with the decision that I need an immediate surgery. As my allergies progressed and after my surgery it was confirmed that what I had was allergic fungal sinusitis disease which was developed in my sinuses.

After my surgery, I was not on a serious treatment for my allergies and allergic fungal sinusitis. In 2005, I had my first asthma attack and it was developed from then. Since 2005, experience having severe allergies followed by severe asthma which were all uncontrollable until 2009. I took high doses of medication, steroids and antibiotics to counter the said illnesses but yet here were no signs for my health improvement. I endured the effects of my illnesses since my junior year in high school and till beginning of 2009. I had given up on myself and everything around me.

I stopped trying my best to stand out in school. I detached myself from the environment and made no involvement in school activities. I lost my own confidence and I just felt that I needed another day to pass. All of these events happened before I visited the University of St. Thomas. After the said visit, it opened another door for me to change and start a new beginning for Jagandeep Kaur. From that moment on I knew I wanted to be in school and not just pass but try my best and pass with excellent grades. After my visit, I no longer just think, I KNOW that I can and I will.

It was a turning point for my life because I gain back the confidence that I lost along the way. The warmth and friendly environment of the University of St. Thomas made me determine to pursue all of goals in life. I was raised in a family that did not display too much support when it comes to education. There are instances that we are not given the support and encouragement to fulfill our educational dream. No one has supported my sister or I to study further. I have been told many times that I am not capable of doing certain tasks and or I’m not smart enough.

I was influenced by their manner of thinking and saw myself the way they think about me. I felt I really couldn’t accomplish anything but as I matured I realize the importance of school and education. I learned how to value education and I know once I graduate from school, I can make my family proud. I want to uplift the way people look upon me as a person. I want to achieve success because I want to prove to them that our culture and my parent’s background regarding the notion that education is not important is a wrong notion.

I firmly believe that education is my number one priority. No one should be deprived of being educated because it will lead to a better life. I look upon my sister’s experiences and her success in achieving an educational degree. She is the first lady to graduate with a degree/university and that motivates me to do the same thing. I believe that all of my personal and academic experiences molded me to become a stronger and better individual. I attended university of Houston from fall 2008 to spring 2009, and did a medical drop due to my health problems.

I wish to continue my education at University of St. Thomas because thus university will mark the beginning of a new life for me. Today, I can say that throughout my experiences I have grown in many positive directions. I aim for better education and promise to do my best at all times. I am an independent woman with more confidence, determination and passion for success. I am confident that a brighter future awaits me because I will be completing a degree in a school that recruits only the best and finest students. University of St. Thomas is the gateway towards success..

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