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Access Chapter 1

A collection of data organized in a manner that allows access, retrieval, and use of that data.
Database management system
Software that allows you to use a computer to create a database and preform other function with the database.
Database management system
Allows you to edit, ask and answer questions about, and create forms and reports using the data in the database.
Relational database
A database consisting of a collection of tables, each of which contains information on a specific subject.
Contains information about a given person, product, or event.
Contains a specific piece of information within a record.
Unique identifier
A field used to uniquely identify each record in the database.
Database design
The arrangement of data into tables and fields in a database.
The storing of a piece of data in more than one place in a database.
?, “, /, , :, *, |, >, <
These characters cannot be used in a file name.
Reserved words
Words that have a special meaning to Access, and cannot be used as field names.
Maximum number of characters in a table and field name.
., !, ‘, [, ]
These characters cannot be used when naming fields or tables.
The same name cannot be used for two different ____ in the same table.
Data type
Indicates the type of data that can be stored in the field.
Text, Number, Currency
Three of the most commonly used data types
The data type in which the field can contain any characters, a maximum of 255.
The data type in which the field can contain only numbers, positive or negative, usually used for arithmetic operations.
The data type in which the field can contain only monetary data, in which values appear with currency symbols and with two digits following the decimal point.
If you already know the tables and fields you want in your database, you would use this database option.
If you do not already know the tables and fields you want in your database, you would use a ____.
Access window
This consists of a variety of components to make your work more efficient and documents more professional.
Access Window
Consists of the Navigation Pane, Access work area, Ribbon, shortcut menus, and Quick Access toolbar.
Access work area
Where you work on objects such as tables, forms, and reports
Object tabs
Appears at the top of the Access work area to indicate objects that are open.
Navigation Pane
Contains a list of all the objects in the database, used to open an object, you can customize the display of objects.
Status bar
Located at the bottom of the Access window, presents information about the database object, the progress of current tasks, the status for certain commands and keys, and viewing options.
Primary key
To create a table, you must describe all of the fields that make up the table and their characteristics, and indicate the ____ ____.
Datasheet view and Design view
The two views that you can use to create a table in Access.
Datasheet view
The view in which the data in the table is presented in rows and columns, like a spreadsheet, used to update data and modify the structure of the table.
Design view
The view that is only used to create a table or modify its structure.
Design view
Out of datasheet view and design view, which one has more functionality for creating a table?
Click to Add
To define an additional field, click this column heading to select the data type and enter the field name.
If there is nothing to undo in Access, the Undo button on the Quick Access toolbar will be this.
Do this to the column heading to get a shortcut menu to delete the column or change the name.
Insert Field
To insert a field between existing fields, right-click the column heading for the field that will follow the new field and click this on the shortcut menu
To move a field, click the column heading and then do this.
Click this on the ribbon and then click the Table button to create a table.
Shutter Bar
Click the _______ ______ Open/Close Button to close the Navigation Pane.
Do this to the table in Navigation Pane that you wish to open and then select the desired view in which you wish to view it.
If you make a mistake when typing, correct it by pressing this key.
Primary key
Access will reposition new records(table rows) automatically based on this.
A row in a table.
To delete a record, click the record selector and press this key.
To change the contents of one or more fields in a record, the record must be on the _____.
You can use this key to switch between Insert and Overtype mode while editing fields in records.
When you are “this” on the record, Access neither allows you to move to another record nor allows you to close the table until you have made the correction.
To remove from the screen the record you are trying to add if you get “stuck”, press this key.
Green computing
This involves reducing the environmental waste generated when using a computer.
Portrait orientation
The orientation in which the printout is across the width of the page.
Landscape orientation
The orientation in which the printout is across the height of the page.(sideways)
The form that data is stored in in which the first row contains column headings describing the data in each of the columns, and the remaining rows contain the data.
To make a copy of data from another source in a table in the Access database.
When importing data, you have two choices: create a new ____, or add the records to an existing _____. (Same word)
The process of importing into an Access database uses this, which takes you through basic steps.
Import Spreadsheet
If the data is imported from an Excel worksheet, the process will use the _____ ______ Wizard.
External Data
To import an Excel worksheet, click this on the Ribbon and then click the Excel button.
Simple questions, the answers to which are in the database.
Simple Query
When you are creating a query, if there are no restriction involved in the query, you can use the ____ ______ Wizard.
Query Wizard
To create a query, select the appropriate table in the Navigation Pane, click Create on the Ribbon, and then click the ______ _____ button to display the New Query dialog box.
The process in which invalid data in the database is returned to a correct state.
backup copy
The copy of data created while backing up a data base.
Backing up
The simplest approach to the recovery process, involving periodically making a copy of the database.
live database
If a problem occurs while backing up a database, you can correct the problem by copying this backup copy over the actual database, called this.

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