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A health-literate individual?
understands basic health information and services and uses these sources to promote health and wellness
What best describes the health triangle?
to be truly healthy, all three sides need to be in balance
Abstinence can lead to?
a lower risk for disease
Which is NOT a lifestyle factor?
having weak eyesight
The three elements of your health triangle are?
physical, mental/emotional, and social health
What is a cumulative risk?
abstaining from the use of alcohol
True of False:
When your health triangle is balanced; you are likely to have problems in some areas?
False: change balanced to unbalanced
True of False:
Your environment, the media, and technology are among the important influences on your health?
True of False:
Preventive measures include wearing seatbelts and applying sunscreen?
True of False:
Your environment includes the people and places you come into contact with every day?
True of False:
Lifestyle factors are personal behaviors and habits that affect your level of health?
people of the same age who share similar interests
Cumulative risks?
related risks that increase in effect with each added risk
the sum of your surroundings
an overall state of well-being
Health education?
the providing of accurate health information to help people make health of others
the various methods of communicating information
the combination of physical, mental/ emotional, and social well-being
Explain the difference between risk factors and lifestyle factors?
Risk factors are factors that may risk your healthy lifestyle and lifestyle factors are the things that you should do yo live a healthy life.
List 4 out of the 10 lifestyle factors that you can control and that can influence your overall health?
8 to 10 hours of sleep, eat a nutritious breakfast, maintain stress, maintain a healthy weight
What strategy does NOT help the process of resolving a conflict?
refusing to talk
What is NOT an example of stress management?
What is the first step in effective decision making?
identifying the situation
What is an example of a short-term goal?
studying for a quiz
What is NOT a core ethical value?
What is the purpose of a good role model?
to inspire you to be your best
Which health care facility would you need if you were in a car accident?
emergency room
What is an example of health fraud?
a cream that promises to cure warts overnight
What group would you write to if your doctor made your health condition worse?
American Medical Association
What is a way teens can advocate public health?
running in a race that benefits cancer victims
True or False:
The term health skills refer inly to those skills that help you improve your level of physical fitness?
True or False:
Core ethical values, such as responsibility,honesty, and respect, differ greatly across cultures and age groups?
True or False:
Character and core ethical values are learned when you are young and continue to develop throughout your life?
True or False:
Stress management consists of avoiding any situation that causes stress>
True or False:
People who buy many weight loss products or anti-aging products are likely to be victims of health fraud?
True or False:
Your rights as a consumer include the right to choose, to be informed, and to have problems corrected?
True or False:
If you feel you have been a victim of malpractice, you may be bale to get help from a regulatory organization such as the American Medical Association?
True or False:
Tricking consumers into buying defective or useless products in fraud?
True or False:
In conventional insurance plans, the insured person pays for doctor visits and is then reimbursed by the insurance company for the entire cost of the visit?
True or False:
Co-pay is the same as deductible when paying at the doctors office?
those distinctive qualities that describe how a person thinks, feel, and behaves
Health fraud?
the sale of worthless products or services claimed to prevent diseases or cure other health problems
Health advocacy?
taking action to influence others to address a health-related concern or to support a health-related concern or to support a health-related belief
Consumer advocate?
those who takes on regional, national, and international consumer issues
Short-term goal?
a goal that you can reach is a short length of time
Action plan?
a multi-step strategy to achieve your goals
Primary care physician?
medical doctors who provide general care
something you aim for that takes planning and work
Health consumer?
purchasers or users of health products or services
Stress management?
ways to deal with the negative effects of stress
How does a primary care physician differ from a specialist?
a primary care physician is someone you see to get your regular check-up from and a specialist is like a dermalogist.
How can having good character help you in refusing to engage in risky behaviors?
good character can help you in refusing to engage in risky behaviors because you will know your moral standards
test the muscle strength
Aerobic exercise?
exercise that increases the need for oxygen
Muscular endurance?
ability of muscles to perform physical activity over a long period of time
test the muscular endurance
Physical activity?
form of movement that causes your body to use energy
the ability to move a body part through a full range of motion
Step test?
test cardiovascular endurance
Body composition?
ratio of body fat to lean body tissue
Anaerobic exercise?
ability of muscles to perform physical activity over a long period of time
Muscular strength?
amount of force a muscle can exert
True or False:
A minimum of 10 mins. is all you need for a daily cardiovascular workout?
True or False:
If you are starting out a new workout you should work 50% of you MHR?
True or False:
A 50 yard dash is an example of aerobic exercise?
True or False:
The best measurement for body composition is the pinch test?
True or False:
Diabetes can be a result of a poor exercise program?
Before beginning a new physical activity it is wise to?
visit a health care professional for a health screening
A sedentary lifestyle will NOT lead to?
low cholesterol
Before exercising, you should allow your pulse rate to increase gradually by?
warming up
The process by which the body takes in and uses food?
The units of heat that measure the energy used by the body and the energy that foods supply to the body?
The substances in food that your body needs to grow, to repair itself, and to supply you with energy?
A natural physical drive that protects you from starvation?
A desire, rather than a need, to eat?
How many grams of fiber should you get each day?
35 grams
A major source if energy for your body comes from?
An example of a food that contains complete proteins is?
Once major function of proteins is?
making new cells
An example of fats high in saturated fatty acids is?
coconut oils
The excess cholesterol in the blood is deposited in?
the arteries
How many amino acids is the body made up of and how many are the essential amino acids?
True or False:
The body makes these essential amino acids?
What percentage of carbohydrates should your daily diet contain?
What percentage of protein should your daily diet contain?
What percentage of fats should your daily diet contain?
What three items should we eat in moderation?
salt, sugar, fats
Name the 6 classified nutrients?
protein, fats, water, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals
Name the 6 factors that influence what you eat?
family, ethnic background, religious faith, cost, what it is made out of, look
True or False:
The body manufactures minerals?
Name 2 types of vitamins and list one vitamin for each?
Fat-vitamin A,D,E, K and water-vitamin C,and all types of B
What is the reason the body need water?
water carries away waste
What is lean?
lean is when they cut most of teh red meat off
How many glasses of water should a person drink a day?
6 to 8 glasses
What is a nutrient-dense food?
french fries
What happens if you take in more calories than you burn?
your amount of stored body fat may increase
Body composition is the ratio of body fat to?
One strategy in a sensible weight-management plan is?
keeping a food journal of what and when you eat
The number of calories a person takes in each day should be should be unaffected by?
body image
It is important to drink plenty of water before and during a heavy workout because keeping hydrated?
prevents and electrolyte imbalance
What contributes to obesity
a sedentary lifestyle
Anorexia nervosa?
has consequences similar to malnutrition and starvation
What describes a person who is obese?
a person with a large amount of body fat
Name 6 health consequences associated with anorexia nervosa?
bone density, kidney failure, death, teeth decay, body becomes too weak to move, exercise obsession
External factors that can affects person’s resiliency includes?
family, community, and peers
During the alar stage of the body’s stress response, what “emergency hormone” is released to prepare the body to respond to a stressor?
Ways of managing stress do NOT include?
drinking alcohol
Having to leave your home because of hurricane damage is an example of?
an environmental stressor
Voluntary responses to stress include?
doing relaxation exercises
True or False:
Stress can have the positive effect of motivating a person to work hard?
True or False:
An example of a biological stressor is the way you perceive a situation?
True or False:
Two people who share a traumatic experience will perceive the event in the same way and suffer the same amount of stress?
True or False:
Poor eating habits can be a source of stress?
True or False:
Chronic stress results in a fight-or-flight response that lasts for days or weeks?
the ability to adapt to and recover from disappointment, difficulty, or crisis
the reaction of the body and mind to everyday challenges and demands
anything that causes stress
Relaxation response?
a state of calm that can be reached by practicing relaxation techniques
Chronic stress?
stress associated with long-term problems
What is NOT a preventive behavior?
What form of body language tells would-be attackers to stay away?
looking over your shoulder as you walk
What statement about teen bullies is false?
bullies often stop their behavior on their own
How does peer mediation reduce violence in schools?
it helps resolve conflicts before violence occurs
What is NOT a cause of violence?
the need for attention from adults
What is the most easily accessed influence on violence?
the media
What type of violence is committed for no particular reason?
random violence
What is the best response if you re by an attacker who wants your possessions?
run from the attacker
What type of abuse can lead to future physical abuse?
emotional abuse
What statement is true about date rape?
both males and females may be victims and often a victim knows the attacker
Name 2 general strategies for staying safe?
tell family where you are going and never get on an elevator with a stranger
Name 2 strategies for staying safe in home?
look al doors and never answer the door to a stranger
Name 4 forms of violence in a school?
bullying, cyber-bullying, gangs, emotional issues, and physical issues
How does alcohol and drugs play into violence?
they increase the violence when taken
What strategies can help a person prevent the physical, sexual, and emotional violence of date rape?
stop seeing the person when you notice their dangerous side
Self defense
any strategy for protecting oneself from harm
Date rape
when one person in a dating relationship forces the other person to participate in sexual intercourse
sexual harassment
uninvited and unwelcome sexual conflict directed at another person
physical abuse
the intentional infliction of bodily harm or injury on another person
standing up for your rights and beliefs in firm but positive way
threatened or actual use of physical force or power to harm another person or to damage property
verbal abuse
using words to mistreat or injure another person
act of seeking power or attention through the psychological emotional, or physical abuse of a person
any form of sexual intercourse that takes place against a person’s will
cyber bullying
the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by individual or group, intended to harm others
sexual violence
any form of unwelcome sexual conduct directed at an individual, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape
peer mediation
process in which trained students help other students find fair ways to resolve conflict and settle differences
a small circle of friends, usually with similar backgrounds or tastes, who exclude people viewed as outsiders
physical, mental/emotional, or sexual mistreatment of one person to another
group of people who associate with one another to take part in criminal activity
What is the function of perspiration?
to cool your body as the perspiration evaporates
Moles are spots on the skin that contain extra?
Which condition leads to permanent loss of vision?
When you get a tattoo, you run the risk of contracting?
hepatitis C
What is NOT an accurate statement about tears?
they carry nutrients to the structures of the eye
The vitreous humor?
helps the eye keep its shape
make images appear foggy or blurry
What happens when they eye focuses on objects that are near?
the pupil dilates
What forms when a hair follicle becomes infected with bacteria?
a boil
Tooth decay occurs when?
acid destroys plaque, exposing tooth enamel
True or False:
Dark-skinned people need to take more precautions to guard against UV radiation than fair-skinned people?
True or False:
The reina contains light-sensitive rods and cones?
True or False:
Wax buildup can cause sensorineural hearing loss?
True or False:
The middle ear contains structures that help you keep your balance?
True or False:
Bright flashes of light and blurred vision can signal a detached retina?
True or False:
Habitually listening to loud music ca eventually lead to permanent hearing loss?
True or False:
Eating foods rich in phosphorus, vitamin C, and calcium will strengthen teeth and gums?
True or False:
In the condition called tinnitus, sound waves fail to reach the inner ear?
True or False:
Halitosis can have several causes, including smoking, tooth decay, and bacteria on the tongue?
True or False:
The main function of sebum is to waterproof the skin?
the outer, thinner layer of the skin that is composed of living and dead cells
Periodontal disease
an inflammation of the periodontal structures
Sweat glands
structures within the dermis that secrete perspiration through ducts to pores on the skin’s surface
the light-sensitive membrane on which images are cast by the cornea
Hair follicle
a structure that surrounds the root of a hair
the inner ear, which consists of the cochlea, the vestibule, and the semicircular canals
a condition in which dead ski cells are shed from the scalp as sticky, white flakes
the substance formed when plaque hardens
a transparent tissue that bends and focuses light before it enters the lens
Auditory ossicles
three small bones linked together that connect the eardrum to the inner ear
What is the largest organ in the body?
2 teeth problems
tooth decay, cativities
2 eye problems
color-blindness and glaucoma
a ear problem
2 skin problems
skin cancer and melomna
Skeletal system
supports body, helps with movement, protects internal organs, stores minerals , and produces white and red blood cells
Muscular system
to create movement
Nervous system
coordinates all the actions and thoughs in your body
Respiratory system
the exchange of gases between body and environment
Endocrine system
secretes hormones to blood stream
Male Reproductive system
transports sperm to female, produces and stores sperm
Cardiovascular system
circulate blood and nourish the entire body
Digestive system
mechanical and chemical breakdown, absorption, and elimination of foods
Urinary system
filters waste and extra fluid from the blood
Female Reproductive
stores ova, nourishes the ovum in the womb
The spontaneous expulsion of a fetus that occurs before the twentieth week of a pregnancy?
An abnormal sideways curvature of the spine is?
A thin, fluid-filled membrane that surrounds and protects the developing embryo?
When a baby cries for no apparent medical reason this is called?
The final stage of pregnancy, in which the uterus contracts and pushes the baby out of the mother’s body is?
A group of alcohol-related birth defects?
What is the thick, blood-rich tissue that lines the walls of the uterus and nourishes the embryo during pregnancy?
amniotic sac
The ropelike structure that connects the embryo and the placenta is the?
umbilical cord
The other name for crib death?
What is the first thing that happens after an ovum is fertilized?
it begins to divide
What statement about fetal alcohol syndrome is false?
it is caused by large amounts of alcohol
Use of illegal drugs during pregnancy can cause?
birth effects, premature labor, an a addicted baby
In the first four weeks of embryonic and fetal development?
the heart begins to beat
An amniocentesis?
indicates whether the baby has a genetic disorder
What is not a symptoms for an ear infection?
food allergy
What treatment does not help to reduce a fever?
cool baby in ice bath
What is not a symptom of teething?
hunger al the time
The following is the purpose for a vaccination?
mixture given to produce or increase immunity to a disease
What is not a vaccination?
Name the 3 stages of pregnancy?
dilation, passage through the canal, and afterbirth
What test will help doctors determine if there is a chromosome problem?
What sense is a baby able to use before birth?
What substance should a pregnant woman avoid during her pregnancy?
People who always keep their health triangles in balance are more likely to?
adjust successfully to aging
Which is a development task of adolescence?
achieving emotional independence
involves physical and emotional aspects
The changes that occur during puberty are trigged by?
the release of hormones
Parents can help their children learn to be self-directed by?
consistently applying rules and discpline
What is only experienced by females in adolescence?
increased body fat
Compared to a person in a marriage, a person in a dating relationship is more likely to?
doubt his or her partner’s reasons for commitment
A the body ages?
the skin loses elasticity
What can detract from a person’s ability to adjust to marriage?
being reluctant to show affection
An important step in achieving self-actualization is?
leaving home or working full-time
True or False:
After infancy, adolescence is the body’s slowest period of growth?
True or False:
An adolescent boy’s voice cracks because the larynx is growing?
True or False:
About 60 percent of marriages involving teens end in divorce?
True or False:
Girls tend to start their growth suprts later than boys do?
True or False:
After your body reaches physical maturity, it won’t grow any taller?
True or False:
Erikson’s final stage of development. late adulthood, occurs after age 65?
True or False:
The male gametes are sperm, and female gametes are the ova?
True or False:
Today, life expectancy is the United States is almost 77 years?
True or False:
Females experience menopause around age 35 to 45?
Martial adjustment
how well a person adjusts to marriage and to his or her spouse
Sex characteristics
the traits related to a persons gender
Emotional maturity
the state at which the mental and emotional capabilities of an individual are fully developed
critical changes that occur at all stages of life
the ability to reason and think out abstract solutions
Emotional intimacy
the ability to experience a caring, loving relationship with another person with whom you can share your innermost feelings
the period from childhood to adulthood
a promise or a pledge
Unconditional love
love without limitation or qualification
Empty-nest syndrome
the feelings of sadness or loneliness that accompany children’s leaving home and entering adulthood
A symptom of alcohol poisoning is?
irregular heartbeat
Drinking five or more alcoholic drinks at a sitting is called?
binge drinking
The long-term effects of effects of alcohol use can include?
high blood pressure
A condition in which liver tissue is replaced with useless scar tissue is called?
Teens who begin to drink at an early are how many more times to be an alcoholic?
4 times more
When a person is dependent on alcohol, he or she?
is an alcoholic
Medical researchers have found that drinking alcohol of any sort?
slows reflexes
According to teens, the most important factor in choosing not to use alcohol is?
parental disapproval
The first stage of alcoholism is characterized by?
becoming intoxicated regularly
What is NOT a factor that influences the onset and severity of the short-term effects of drinking?
time of consumption
A group of alcohol-related birth defects that?
fetal alcohol syndrome
A serve and potentially fetal physical reaction to an alcohol overdose?
alcohol poisoning
The chemical action of yeast on sugars?
Drinking five or more alcoholic drinks at one sitting?
binge drining
The type of alcohol in alcoholic beverages?
A drug that slows the central nervous system?
An addict who is dependent on alcohol?
The amount of alcohol in a person’s blood expressed as a percentage?
blood alcohol
A physical or psychological dependence on drinks that contain alcohol?
The process by which the body break down substances?
What statement would be most appropriate for person with a long history of serious drug abuse?
a stay at a therapeutic community
Morphine, codeine, and aspirin are all?
What is an accurate statement about side effects?
your body’s reaction to a medicine depends on your body chemistry
Cocaine is a?
Substance abuse does NOT lead to?
an increase in control
interferes with the immune system and may permanently damages it
What can causes increased risk of injury to tendons and ligaments?
anabolic-androgenic steroids
What is never used in a medicinal capacity?
In the drug interaction known a the synergistic effect?
one medicine strengthens the effect of another taken at the same time
What is an example of misuse of a medicine?
giving a friend one of your prescription pain relievers
True of False:
All drugs are medicines, but not all are drugs?
True of False:
Someone who suddenly begins to gain muscle mass and become moody, paranoid, and aggressive may be using anabolic-androgenic steroids?
True of False:
Depressants can be dangerous because they slow heart and respiration rates and lower blood pressure?
True of False:
Symptoms of withdrawal can include nervousness, serve nausea, and euphoria?
True of False:
Tolerance is a condition in which the body becomes used to the effect of a medicine?
True of False:
Over the counter medicines must only be used with a doctor’s supervision?
True of False:
Antibiotics have no effects no viruses?
True of False:
Anti-viral drugs reduce the sneezing, watery eyes, and runny nose that often accompany allergies?
True of False:
Intentionally taking more than the recommended dose of a prescribed pain reliever is an example of substance abuse?
True of False:
The majority of high school students in the United States have never tried marijuana?
illicit drug use
the use or sale of any substance that is illegal or otherwise not permitted
a plant whose leaves, buds, and flowers are usually smoked for their intoxicating effects
a preparation given to prevent a person from concentrating a specific disease
anabolic-androgenic steroids
synthetic substances that are similar to male sex hormones
substances whose fumes are sniffed or inhaled to give a mind-altering effect
psychoactive drugs
chemicals that affect the central nervous system and alter activity in the brain
drugs that speed up the central nervous system
drugs that alter moods, thoughts, and sense perceptions
designer drugs
a synthetic drug made to imitate the effects of narcotics
4 pieces of information on a prescription label
medicine directions, patient name, if medicine can be refilled, side effects of the medicine
4 categories of psychoactive drugs
stimulants an example is cocaine, depressant an example is tranquilezer, narcotics an example is heroin, halluciongens an example is ketamine
explain the harmful effects of stimulants and hallucinogens on the central nervous system
it speeds up the central nervous system and affects the brains activity
abused legal drug
abused illegal drug
a group of more than 100 different diseases that cause pain and loss of movement in the joints
an organism that carries and transmits pathogens to humans or other animals
a protein that acts against specific antigen
a specialized white blood cell that regulates the functions of specific immunity
the below-average intellectual ability present from birth or early childhood associated with difficulties in learning and social adaption
mental retardation
a law prohibiting discrimination against people with physical or mental disabilities in the workplace, transportation, public accommodations, and telecommunications
american with disabilities act
the state of being protected against a particular disease
occurrences of diseases in which many people in the same time are affected
the process in which plaques accumulate on artery walls
an organism that cause diseases
ringworm and athlete’s foot are cause by
t and b cells are two types of
helper t cells trigger
the production of cells that fight infection
What STD stays in the body after symptoms are treated?
human papillomavirus
What statement is NOT true?
all STDs produce recognizable symptoms
HIV can be transmitted through?
The best method for preventing STD is?
abstaining from sexual activity
What statement about genital herpes is NOT true?
the virus can only be spread when blisters are present
inability to conceive or difficulty with conceiving a child
avoiding harmful behaviors
human papillomavirus
communicable diseases spread from person to person through sexual contact
a virus that attacks the immune system
a virus that can cause genital warts
2 STD bacterial infections
chylamadia and hepiptasis B
2 STD viral infections
gential herpes and gonorrhea

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