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American businesses

American businesses are of the optimistic view that there is a wide scope for business in Greece especially in the fields of tourism, medical, construction, food processing and franchising sectors. U. S. companies are taking note of Greece expansion of economic growth. In the year 2006, U. S. exports to Greece nearly accounted to 700 million dollars and there is an estimation of 5 billion dollars in the form of U. S. investments in Greece.

Greece is a gateway to Balkan markets and there are 3,500 Greek companies actively participating in Balkans. Apart from this, twelve billion dollars are already invested by Greek companies in Balkan region. A huge scope for corporate sector to operate from Albania to Moldova in various sectors viz. , banking, energy, construction and telecommunications. Portfolio investment has been a hot pick in Greek economy which has accounted with a foreign holding of up to 50 percent of Athens Stock Exchange market capitalization.

Reforms of labor laws and government policies have made Greece as an attractive center for foreign investment. Adding to this, the Greek government entered into a technology cooperation agreement with Microsoft to particularly address the inefficiency areas of government operations. Greece is a member of EU and its currency is euro with approx. 11 million population, Greece is known for its rich culture, cuisine and rich heritage. Conclusion

Whether it is FDI investment or real estate property, rates are booming with several apartments and villas being constructed with a view that tourism in Greece encourages the development of real estate sector and many investors, tourists and even business tycoons are taking the advantage of buying homes in Greece. There are tax benefits available to investors who invested in the form of grants and financial assistance.


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