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Analyze the Human Resource Department’s role in career planning

The role of the human resources department is crucial to any organization to yield a productive and efficient workforce. The human resource department helps employees with their career planning and provides proper training and development to ensure that they have the right skills and knowledge to do their respective jobs because people are the most important asset in any company (Stone 2008). Human resources department has to consider the career interests of their employees and direct them towards the opportunities that are appropriate for their skills and knowledge to facilitate progress within the organization.

Human resources department provides the tools for identifying skills needed in the workforce and for recruiting, developing, training, retraining, or placing employees to build the workforce of the future (Aghazadeh 2003). HRD’s function is to develop a career path that each employee desires to make them feel appreciated and contented. (Garavan et al. 2001). Career planning and development include assessing an employee’s potential growth and advancement in the organization and providing other development opportunities to allow employees to learn and contribute to the progress of the organization (Stone 2008).

On the other hand, career development is the refinement of skills and knowledge combined with career planning activities (MacDonald & Arthur 2005). Accurate assessment of an employee’s abilities is important to both the organization and the individual because the need for human resources is constantly changing due to technological advances and changes in the industry. More so, organizations should develop more flexible patterns of career growth and development (Stone 2008).

According to Hassan, Hashim and Ismail, HRD should establish a system for recording and tracking career moves within the organization. More so, HRD should utilize effectively their most valuable resource -workforce by helping them in their career planning and development (Hassan et al 2006). The HRD plays a significant role in helping employees to evaluate alternatives, to assess their strengths and weaknesses and to design a path which is appropriate for each employee. Furthermore, the company is responsible for preparing their employees for future positions within the organization.More so, educating and training employees will move them closer to their career objectives.

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