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Next, knowledge sharing Is a collaborative earners of knowledge which disseminate and making available what is already known either supported not supported by information technology (IT). It involves the collaborative support and the communication. Possibly, the sharing process has to be optimized on the specific context. The third one is knowledge utilization. It is an integration of learning within the organization In which whatever Is broadly available throughout the organization can be generalized and applied, at least In part to new situations.

It involves the utilizing technology, supporting informal knowledge and prevents excessive formalization. In ANITA, this organization is encouraging their employee to shared knowledge through share thinking among the management and employee with the purposed of fulfilling customers’ and stakeholders’ demand. Course coordination and support staff system in ANITA are closely aligned with the overall shared purposed of providing training courses to Malaysian public sector. In addition, at ANITA any disagreement on the content. Methodology. ND the effectiveness of certain program are discussed openly. This is because, ANITA believes that communication between lower level and top management are very important to ensure efficient and effective training for customers. As part of its continuous learning process, ANITA also conducts evaluations for

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its trainers (lecturers), courses, and Its coordinators at the end of every course so that they can learn from their own experiences and mistakes. Other than that, In order to enhance the sharing knowledge across the faculties, ANITA had created knowledge bank.

Knowledge bank is a repository of articles, case-studies and write-ups on management subjects. The strength of this knowledge bank is that it creates a network among the trainers who generate and share knowledge among themselves y reinforcing and renewing their expertise, learning new ideas, coaching one another and sharing practical tips and lessons over time. At ANITA, each senior worker Is given a lap-top to learn more from the Internet and do their own research this is because ANITA encouraged their individual staff to learn and become knowledge worker.

In order to realize that, ANITA also give incentives to their staff who involve in writing Anta’s management Journals and Anta’s monthly periodical. Besides that, ANITA also has made it compulsory for all employees to attend courses, miners, forums or workshops for a minimum period of 14 days for trainers and seven days for non-trainers In a given year. This course had been discuss by the seminar to the employees’ profession and allocate resources for them to attend these training courses. The other method use by ANITA in their knowledge management process is system thinking.

ANITA has made improvements in streamlining the processes involve in training, catering, and related activities. This complex activity requires that management think strategically and come up with planned solutions. The management is committed to systems thinking as it involves dynamic complexity such as the human dimension in the training process, the complexity of technological and CIT systems in ANITA, officers’ mental models and staffs members’ mental models which often conflict with the systems they are involved in operating.

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