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What is communitas
A feeling of great social solidarity, equality, and togetherness
Modern colonialism began
during the European “Age of Discovery”.
Discrimination that is not legally sanctioned is known as
de facto discrimination
Which of the following is not true of postmodernism
It has a clear and functional design or structure
What is the term for identification with, and feeling part of, a cultural group, and exclusion from other cultural groups
More than half of American households with incomes below the poverty line
are headed by women
In Codes of Gender, Sut jhally presents Erving Goffman’s research on gender displays in the media. According to this, gender is primarily understood through
a set of practiced performances of socially constructed rules for behavior
Given the mobility of people today, anthropologists increasingly are shifting their attention from local communities to
What is the name of the family in which a child is raised
Family of orientation
Which of the following statements about the domestic-public dichotomy is true
It tends to be more pronounced among food producers than among foragers
Which of the following statements about ethnicity is not true
Unlike race, ethnicity derives from biological differences among human groups
What rule automatically places the children of a union between members of different groups in the minority group
The binary construction of gender
. downplays the things males and females have in common.
. downplays the ways males are different from each other.
. downplays the ways female are different from each other.
D. All of the above
What kind of magic is based on the belief that whatever is done to an object will affect a person who once had contact with it
Contagious magic
What is polygyny
A situation in which a man has more than one wife at the same time
Applied anthropology’s systemic perspective recognizes that
changes don’t occur in a vacuum, and a program or project has multiple effects
What term refers to the devaluing of a group because of its assumed behavior, values, abilities, or attributes
A political system ruled by men in which women have inferior status is known as a(an)
What term refers to the manipulation of the supernatural to accomplish specific goals
Which of the following is true and was a factor that left a considerably large portion of black Americans in the dilapidated urban centers
All of the above are true and contributed to the social construction of the growing black urban spaces
Polytheism refers to
belief in multiple gods
In what sense are nationalities “imagined communities”?
Despite their shared feeling of comradeship, most members of a nationality will never meet; they only imagine that they participate in the group
Which of the following statements about polyandry is true
It is a cultural adaptation to mobility associated with male travel for trade, commerce, and warfare
Biological differences between males and females, other than contrasts in breasts and genitals, is known as
sexual dimorphism
The oppression argument that Westerners use regarding Muslim women wearing veils has been a form of ethnocentrism , because
it assumes a Christian perspective on why women veil and attempts to equate Christianity with freedom.
it is built on “colonial feminism,” which superficially used the veil issue to sway Muslim women in the political/military efforts, but offer women no substantive advances such as getting education for women.
it ignores the same kind sect and ideological diversity, which exists in Christianity and continues to view all of Islam, especially its male practitioners, as the same as the Taliban.
D. All of the above
“Race” is
culturally constructed
Which of the following is a major difference between Brazilian and American racial classifications?
In the United States, social race is determined at birth and does not change, but in Brazil, racial identity can change from day to day
Peripheral nations
have economies that are shaped to serve the interests of the core
Within the American two-sex, two gender system, the hijras of India like the berdaches in the Native American traditions would be considered
Transgendered: persons who gender performances and identity defy the binary construction
Which of the following statements about the incest taboo is true
The incest taboo does not eliminate incest
What form of rule did France use in colonies with long histories of state organization
Indirect rule
Gezon and Kottak argue that the relatively high incidence of expanded family households among poorer North Americans is
an adaptation to poverty
The largest religion in the world, in terms of number of practitioners, is
What frequently occurs during the liminal phase of a rite of passage
Reversals of ordinary behavior
Which of the following does not describe indigenous identities
They are fixed
Which two answers best demonstrate why Free Trade Zones represent a classic example a neoliberal development program
in implementing these zones, governments of periphery nations must relinquish their legal control, including workplace protections for the citizens
in implementing these zones, governments of periphery nations eliminate tariffs on imports, which help promote trade in the global market, but lose the protection for their local businesses
What is the term for the marginal or in-between phase of a rite of passage
In general, the status of women
is higher in matrilineal societies than it is in patrilineal societies
What is the term for ethnic groups that once had, or wish to have or regain, autonomous political status
The political, social, economic, and cultural domination of a territory and its people by a foreign power for an extended period of time is known as
In explaining the failure of the periphery to achieve economic stability, which of the following is a fact they tends to be ignored within neoliberal arguments
Al of the above are issues ignored by supporters of neoliberalism
The term indigenous peoples is used to refer to
the original inhabitants of particular territories
What term refers to changes that result when groups come into continuous firsthand contact
All development projects should aim to accomplish all of the following except
to develop strategies with little input from local communities
From the below choices, select the best answer to complete the statement. Based on the arguments presented in Codes of Gender, Sut Jhally demonstrates that the media’s use of gender reaffirms in the cultural perception that
masculinity is defined and enacted in opposition to femininity
What term refers to the tasks and activities that a culture assigns to the sexes
Gender roles
Which of the following is one of the main differences between descent groups and nuclear families
Descent groups are permanent, whereas nuclear families are not
What is the natural phenomenon that keeps the Earth’s surface warm
Greenhouse effect
What are the three positions that nations occupy in the world system
Core, periphery, and semiperiphery
Which type of a situation is most likely to result in a matrilineal-matrilocal society
Warfare is infrequent
The incest taboo is a cultural universal, but
not all cultures define incest the same way
What term is used to refer to a nonhuman apical ancestor of a clan
Rites of passage usually consist of what phases
Separation, liminality, and incorporation
What is the most stable social group among band societies with a seasonal pattern of population dispersal?
The nuclear family
What term refers to sexual relations with someone considered to be a close relative
For Muslim women, which of the following does not represent why they choose to wear the hijab, burqa and/or veil
The clothing represents the symbolic marriage to Allah
In the House We Live In, we see how the federal government helped to form and maintain American race ideologies. Which of the following are actions taken by the U.S. government to create a racial biased system
The Supreme Court limited the interpretation of who could be considered “white” by law to those who politically and socially fit into the culture of White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASPs).
From 1790 until the 1950s. only free white could become naturalized citizens of the US. This expanded to include Blacks after the passing of the 14th Amendment, giving citizenship to former slaves.
The FHA (Federal Housing Authority) informed realtors and insurance companies that allowing non-whites in community would devalue real estate.
D. All of the above are actions taken by the United States.
Which is not part of the Blockbusting process
mortgage brokers using FHA guidelines would loan monies for mortgages in areas viewed stable, upwardly mobile and largely white
The deliberate physical extinction of a group is known as
The use of voodoo dolls is an example of
imitative magic
What term refers to wealth or resources invested in business with the intent of producing a profit
Which of the following statements concerning gender stratification is true
Gender stratification is generally reduced when the domestic and public spheres are not sharply separated
In what way is exogamy adaptive
It increases the number of individuals that one can rely on in times of need
The gift that a wife’s group gives to her husband’s family is known as
What is the domestic-public dichotomy
Strong differentiation between the home and the outside world
People may occupy many different social statuses during their lives, or even during the course of a day. What term refers to a person’s ability to emphasize different identities in different social contexts
Situational negotiation of identity
Which is not generally true of core nations
They have less control over world finance than do semiperiphery nations.
What term refers to the view that cultural diversity in a country is something good and desirable?
What is a commonly stated goal of recent development projects
To increase equity
In general, societies with the patrilineal-patrilocal complex are characterized by all of the following except
inheritance of land and prestige through female lines
Which of the following would not be an example of the ideas and justification of colonialism reflected in Britain’s notion of “the white man’s burden”?
Belief that the colonized people in the British Empire were, given some freedom, capable of governing themselves
Witchcraft accusations are often aimed at
socially marginal people
An examination of racial classifications from around the world indicates that
the classification of racial types is an arbitrary, culturally specific process
Which of the following is an example of a neoliberal development program
Free Trade Zone
According to Weber, what are the three dimensions of social stratification
Wealth, power, prestige
What is an illness
A health problem as it is experienced by the affected individual
The worldwide increase in female-headed households stems from all of the following except
decreasing divorce rates
What is the term for policies and practices that harm a group and its members
In recent years, which of the following is a Jamaican industry that has not been affected negatively by internal U.S. policies
Each has been affected to different degrees, but all struggle to exist in light of competition with heavily subsidized or otherwise, governmentally supported American corporations
What is the dominant intervention philosophy today
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