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AP Congress Questions to Know

The framers of the Constitution conceived of __________ as the center of policymaking in America.
The foremost attraction for the job of serving in Congress is
the power to make key public policy decisions
_________ privileges refers to the free use of the mails enjoyed by Congress.
The United States House of Representatives has ________ members.
The United States Senate has _________ members.
How many senators are elected from each state?
Which of the following is true about the minimum age requirements for members of Congress set forth in the Constitution?
25 for a House member and 30 for a Senator
The members of the Senate closely reflect the nation in terms of
E. none of the above (not race, economic status, prior occupation or gender)
The income and occupations of members of Congress
would make them members of the elite in American Society
Women constitute _________ of the United States Senate.
the most underrepresented group
In terms of religion, most members of Congress are
The most common prior occupation for members of Congress is
Incumbents are those
already holding office
In most congressional elections, challengers
The single most important advantage to someone trying to get elected to Congress is
being an incumbent
The pork barrel and casework are examples of
opportunities for credit-claiming by members of Congress
Federal grants and contracts that members of Congress try to obtain for their constituents are collectively referred to as
the pork barrel
What accounts for the success of congressional candidates?
advertising, credit-claiming, and position-taking
Party loyalty at the voting booth is
still a good predictor of voting behaviour
When Political Action Committees contribute money to members of Congress they are usually seeking
access to policy makers
Bicameralism means that a legislative body is one
with two houses, providing checks and balances on policy making
To be sent to the president, a bill must be passed by
both the House and the Senate
The House ________ Committee reviews most bills coming from other committees before they go on to the full House, thus performing a traffic cop function.
Articles of impeachment must be passed by
the House
House seats are up for election every
two years
A Senate seat is up for election every
six years
Which of the following is true about the Senate as compared to the House?
more centralized, stronger leadership, more influential on the budget, smaller in number, less powerful and prestigious, seniority is more important in determining power
According to the Constitution, revenue bills must originate in the
Nominees to the United States Supreme Court must be confirmed by
the Senate
According to the Constitution, once impeached, federal officials are then tried in the
The House Rules Committee
reviews most bills coming from committee befroe they go to the full House
One of the key differences between the House and Senate is that the House
has more policy specialization
One of the key differences between the House and Senate is that the Senate
is less dependent on seniority for determining power
The real differences between the House and the Senate lie in their
organization and centralization of power
_________ members present and voting can halt a filibuster by voting for cloture.
The filibuster is a technique used in the
Senate (to prolong debate in order to kill a bill)
To cut off debate and end a filibuster is known as
Which of the following congressional offices is mandated by the Constitution
Speaker of the House
The _________ is next in line after the vice president to succeed a president who resigns, dies in office, or is impeached.
Speaker of the House
The minority whip
keeps a close head count on key votes and attempts to keep party members in line
The __________ has the job of presiding over the Senate, breaking ties when necessary.
Vice President
The most powerful person in the Senate is the
majority leader
Most of the business of Congress takes place
in committees and subcommittees
A _________ committee is one appointed for a limited, specific purpose, such as that set up to investigate the Watergate scandal.
Appropriations, Judiciary, and Armed Forces are all examples of _________ committees.
When the House and the Senate pass different versions of the same bill
a conference committee is appointed to resolve differences
Legislative _________ is the process of monitoring the bureaucracy and its administration of policy.
When members of Congress hold a hearing to question a cabinet member on how a law is being carried out, they are engaging in
legislative oversight
Traditionally, Congressional committee chairpersons have been chosen through
the seniority system
Members of Congress who informally band together in groups to promote and protect mutual interests (e.g., mushroom growers) form what are called
Only _________ can formally submit a bill for congressional consideration.
members of the House or Senate
Most bills formally submitted for consideration in Congress
are quietly killed off early in the process
The president’s most common method of attempting to influence Congress is to
hold regular meetings with the party’s leaders in Congress
The best way constituents can influece congressional voting on legislation is to
elect a representative or senator who agrees with their views

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