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AP US History Unit 6 Test Corrections

What was the main issue in the 1896 presidential election?
Free silver.
What does not apply to the late nineteenth century relationship between the southern agrarian protest movement and southern attitude towards blacks?
The Populist movement was exclusively white because of exclusion provisions in their charters.
How were blacks treated in the North during the late nineteenth century?
Public opinion sanctioned widespread de facto discrimination.
What was not a goal of the Populist and Farmer’s Alliance movements?
A higher protective tariff.
What was not a tool that southern states used to disfranchise blacks after Reconstruction?
Outright legal prohibitions.
What did the civil-service reformers of the late 1870s and early 1880s want?
A professional civil service based on merit and staffed by gentleman.
What two issues dominated national politics in the 1870s and 1880s?
The money supply and civil-service reform.
How did the settlement-house movement distinguish itself from other urban social-welfare organizations?
It insisted that charity workers live in slum neighborhoods to better understand the living conditions of the poor.
What did Karl Marx argue?
That capitalists would eventually bring about their own destruction by driving impoverished workers to revolt.
What was a secret of John D. Rockefeller’s success?
He paid attention to the minutest details and understood the benefits of vertical integration.
In the United States v. Knight Company, the Supreme Court diminished the effectiveness of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act by ruling that
Manufacturing was not interstate commerce.
What accurately reflects the differences between single working-class women and married working-class women in the nineteenth century?
Married women commonly worked under sweatshop conditions within the tenements, whereas single women often viewed outside work as an opportunity.
Where did Andrew Carnegie learn many of the successful management methods he used in the steel?
As a foreman in the meatpacking industry in Chicago.
Besides the fact that its all-inclusive membership undermined its unity, why did the Knights of Labor collapse in the late 1880s?
Workers became disillusioned when a series of unauthorized strikes failed.
What concerning the use of technology in industry in the second half of the nineteenth century is true?
It made it possible for manufacturers to hire cheap unskilled or semiskilled labor.
At the end of the Civil War, what communication system did the railroads use to coordinate their complex flow of rail cars?
The magnetic telegraph.
The 1898 Curtis Act
Dissolved the Indian Territory and abolished tribal governments.
Although Wild West Shows celebrated cowboys as quintessentially American, in truth they shared much in common with the
Mexican vaqueros and Argentinean gauchos
The Board of Indian Commissioners was
An agency established by Congress to reform abuses on reservations.
The 1887 Dawes Severalty Act was designed to
Undermine tribal bonds by treating Indians as individuals.
The Ghost Dance was
A cycle of ritual songs and dance steps designed to bring about the destruction of European Americans and their removal from Indian lands.
Much of the labor constructing the railroads throughout the West was provided by the following groups:
Chinese, Irish, African-Americans, and Mexicans.
Who supported the New South Creed?
Industrialists who believed that the South’s natural resources and cheap labor made it a natural site for industrial development.
What was not true of Frederick Douglass?
He did not popularize the theory of the “Talented Tenth”

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