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apes 13

which of the following is a type of subsistence agriculture?
shifting cultivation on small plots in tropical forest
intercropping involves growing
several different crops on a plot of land
all of the following are types of interplanting except
riparian vegetation
can be destroyed by trampling and overgrazing
sustainable management of rangelands would include
allowing no or limited grazing on riparian areas
in most modern agriculture, which of the following effects is agriculture least likely to have on soil
replenishment of soil fertility
which of the following is a major environmental impact of livestock production
water pollution
agriculture can harm the land through
all of these answers
the greatest source of water pollution is
sediment from erosion
which of thee following sites would be expected to have the most rapid erosion rate
construction sites
which of the following practices leads to desertification
all of these answers
salt buildup may
eventually make the land unproductive
which of the following practices both reduces erosion and increase soil fertility
strip cropping
in alley cropping
crops are planted between hedgerows of trees or shrubs that are used for fruit or fuelwood
animal manure is normally not used as a crop fertilizer on large farms because it
smells bad
which of the following is false? application of animal manure
has increased since farms have specialized in animal- or crop-farming operations
commercially available inorganic fertilizers
lack trace elements
which of the following is a potential “improvement” that could be achieved by genetically modifying food plants
tolerate more herbicides
mandatory labeling of GMF’s is required in each of the following countries except
united states
the country that leads the world in both meat production and consumption is
people in many European countries consume about half as much meat per person as those in united states if everyone followed the European diet, the current annual world grain harvest would support about billion people
the correct sequence for the efficiency of converting grain into animal protein for the following animals, from most efficient to least efficient is
catfish chicken pigs beef cattle
the worlds marine catch is not expected to increase significantly the factor least responsible for this trend is
global warming
fish ranching is useful for
fish species cultivated in aquaculture include all of the following except
benefits of aquaculture include
all of these answers
aquaculture may result in
all of these answers
government often provide assistance to farmers because farmers have little control over
all of these answers
first generation pesticides include
all of these answers
natural pesticides come from all of the following except
inorganic compounds
the average homeowner in the us applies about pesticides per unit of land compared to that used by farmers
ten times more
according to pesticides proponents, pesticides
all of these answers
according to proponents of pesticides, which of the following statements are true
all of these answers
broad-spectrum pesticides may increase the number of a pest species through
all of these answers
the pesticide treadmill involves
all of these answers
concerns have been raised about possible links between low levels of pesticides and
all of these answers
which of the following is true
all of these answers
limits to building in resistance to pest include
all of the above
biological control
is often self- perpetuating once established
which of the following statements is a weakness of using pheromones?
they are costly and time consuming to produce in the laboratory
all of these answers
integrated pest management than pesticides
requires more expert knowledge about individual pest crop situations
an integrated pest management program can
reduce preharvest pest induced crop losses by 50%
which of the following would not reduce the threat of pesticides in the food you eat
use imported food whenever possible
the sustainable agriculture philosophy would be supported by
sustainable agriculture
minimizes erosion
sustainable agriculture
treats long term quality of the soil as a top priority `
sustainable agriculture
uses local inputs as much as possible

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