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Urban sprawl has increased society’s dependence on oil and the automobile.
Mass transportation systems are often underfunded because they are
often crowded and uncomfortable.
Urban sprawl is the construction of similar residential units over large areas.
The 1872 mining law allows
anyone to prospect for and claim minerals on public lands for $5.00.
Deforestation is a major source of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming.
The way we plan the physical layout, or land use, of our communities is fundamental to sustainability.
What is an example of a negative impact of urban sprawl in the United States?
deteriorating infrastructure, poor schools and a lack of affordable housing in inner city areas
Mass transit is economically feasible only along heavily populated routes.
Which of the following did NOT contribute to sprawl?
Planners do not allow building on floodplains.
Which state has been very successful in controlling the negative impacts of urban growth?
A(n) ________________ is an effective tool for promoting efficient land use and establishing boundaries for development.
urban growth limit.
What is the major problem in planning urban recreation facilities?
location near residential areas
The major problem on federal rangelands is
Dairy farms and traffic noise are examples of
aesthetic pollution.
What is one mechanism states have used to encourage regional planning that results in environmental protection?
land-use regulations
What technology is available to assist citizens in participating in land-use planning decisions?
sophisticated mapping programs called decision-support tools
When land is zoned, it is designated for specific commercial use.
Vacant urban industrial and commercial sites are referred to as
brown fields.
An example of a local growth management action would be
to establish growth limits by restricting building permits.
Land and landscape are considered natural resources.
It is considered unfair and unfeasible for the U.S. government to allocate and regulate the lands they control for recreation.
Approximately 3 percent of the land in the U.S. is used for urban centers and transportation.
Large-scale migration to cities was caused by which of the following?
increased job opportunities in cities, cultural activities in cities,improvements in agriculture
Which of the following encouraged suburban growth?
rising automobile usage
People in North America spend comparatively small amounts of money on leisure-time activities and services.
Approximately 75 percent of the world’s land area is covered by forests.
As towns became larger, surrounding farmland became suburbia.
Current city taxation policies encourage residential development on farmland.
Most large urban centers developed near water.
The concept of ‘smart growth’ is to encourage individuals with high IQ’s to move to urban areas.
Per capita cropland has declined is all regions of the world because of
population growth.
Which of the following is a goal of urban transportation planning?
None of the answers
Early towns were usually built
near rivers, lakes, and oceans.
Development along transportation routes is referred to as
ribbon sprawl.
Since 1940, the use of mass transit in North America has
What does it mean when an area is designated as wilderness?
human activity is severely restricted
What percentage of U.S. federal recreational lands are designated as wilderness?
Historically, water was rarely used for transportation.
The leading conflict over recreational land use occurs because
some activities can not occur in the same place and time.
What two human actions cause wetland loss in Louisiana?
dams and shipping channels
As a result of unplanned development, floodplains and wetlands are often mismanaged.
Land is a renewable resource because it can be formed by natural processes.
The impacts of urban sprawl include
loss of habitat, air pollution, increased congestion. (All of the answers)
Which three developing countries have a city where the population is expected to grow more than 50% by 2015?
India, Nigeria and Pakistan
Local land-use planning is usually more effective and economical than regional land-use planning.
In the United States, what is one of the major uses of public land?
outdoor recreation

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