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APES review water resources

There is a potential for conflict over water resources among all of the following except
Turkey and Egypt
Which of the following is not a property of water?
liquid water changes temperature very quickly
Approximately ____% Earth’s water is fresh rather than salt water.
About ___% of the world’s water supply exists as uncontaminated fresh water on or close to the surface and is readily available for human use.
The hydrologic will naturally purify and recycle fresh water as long as humans don’t
all of these answers
Porous water-saturates layers of underground rock are known as
Which of the following is false?
Groundwater is stationary and does not move
The global increase in water withdrawal since 1950 is due to all but which of the following?
climatic variation
Throughout the world, the most water is used for
Which of the following statements about fresh water in the United States is false?
The western United States has worked out amiable water use among farmers and urban dwellers
The largest use of water in the western United States is
Major water problems of the western United States include
chronic drought and insufficent runoff
Water can be scarce because of
all of these answers
Water scarcity from drying up all of the soil because of deforestation or overgrazing is called
Water scarcity due to increasing numbers of people relying on fixed levels of runoff is called
water stress
Water scarcity during a period when precipitation is lower than normal and evaporation is higher than normal is called
Most of the world’s rivers are
shared by two countries
Large dams and reservoirs
can be used to provide electric power
destroy agricultural land and scenic areas
China’s Three Gorges project will
destroy two cities each with 100,000 people
Egypt’s Aswan High Dam
saved rice and cotton crops during two droughts in the 1970s
The Colorado River provides all of the following except
a sustainable water supply for an ever-increasing popualtion
Which of the following has no legal rights to the Colorado River
Which of the following stated started in 1977 taking its full share of water from the Colorado River, resulting in much higher water prices downstream California?
Most water-transfer projects illustrate
the principle that you cant do just one thing
California’s basic water problem stems from the fact that ___% of the population lives south of the Sacramento, but ____% of the rain falls north of it
In California, the greatest user of water is
Canada’s James Bay Project to generate electricity involves
all of these answers
The volume of the world’s fourth largest freshwater lake has been decreased by almost 75% to provide water for agriculture. The lake is located in
the former Soviet Union
Which of the following statements about the Aral Sea is false?
water has been diverted from the Aral Sea and the two rivers that replenish its water primarily for use in manufacturing
All of the following would improve the Aral Sea ecological/economic situation except
shifting displaced fishermen to logging
In the United Stated, about __ of all drinking water is pumped from aquifers
The term subsidence refers to
sinking of ground water has been withdrawn
Overuse of groundwater can lead to
all of these answers
Currently, groundwater in the United States is being withdrawn____its replacement rate
four times
The Ogallala Aquifer
is being used eight times faster than its being recharged
The relationship between water demand and policies that subsidize water-thirsty crops exemplifies
a positive feedback loop
Desalination may be accomplished by
Which of the following statements about desalination is true
it is expensive
Which choice completes the sentence incorrectly? Cloud seeding
is most useful in dry areas
It is important economically and environmentally sound to focus water resource management on
increasing the efficiency of the way we use water
Approaches in increasing the water supply can be outstripped by
all of these answers
World Resources Institute estimates that___ of water people use throughout the world is wasted through evaporation, leaks, and other losses
Water is wasted because
water prices are artificially low
Water would be used more efficiently if
all of these answers
Riparian rights
is the only method that can be used to apportion water rights
In the East, most water use is based on
riparian rights
In the West, most water use is based on
prior appropriation
Most irrigation systems lose about half of their water to
all of these answers
Which of the following offers the greatest conservation of water?
trickle of water
Wasting water through irrigation could be reduced by
all of these answers
All of the following are available to improve water efficiency except
condensing water vapor from indoor air
People have often settled on floodplains because
all of these answers
The main human activity that increases flooding is
destroying vegetation
Floods and droughts are
human-activated problems
Humans increase the likelihood of flooding by
all of these answers
The monsoon season can
all of these answers
Which of the following conditions in the Himalayan watershed contributes to flooding in Bangladesh?
rapid population growth
Overpopulation and poverty force people to live on floodplains and deplete mangrove forests. Chances of flooding increase and death toll rises. This case best exemplifies
a negative feedback loop
Stream Channelization
increases the rate of water discharge
Ecologically, the best way to approach flooding is
floodplain management
Sustainable use of water involves
all of these answers
Sustainable use of water
all of these answers

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