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Apple Case Study 3

Apple Case Study 3

If I am hired as a consultant, I would suggest the company not to consider this stage as the final destination. In fact, Apple must put more money in the Research and Development phase from where more new products with even better features and specifications can be produced, since the technological advancements are getting better and better by the time. It should continue to do what it does best, innovate. The company should not deal in common products, and must maintain its mastery in producing ‘unique’ products even though they are relatively expensive.

The room for improvement is always there, so one major diversification that the company could experience is by entering the gaming industry, which is currently dominated by Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation (Sony). Creating a delicate and attractive gaming devices would surely be liked by the customers, since Apple is known for bringing out the best devices. For instance, gaming device of the size closer to a Sony PSP or Nintendo DS can be introduced with better quality and features which can compete head on with both of these products.

And finally, the computer industry should not be overlooked and taken lightly by the company. Portable computers should be developed that can easily be taken from one place to another, which normally benefits the businessmen. In those handheld PCs, latest applications must be added that can entice the customers to have them even the costs for purchasing them are high. The world is moving towards smaller devices and it is no wonder that Apple has introduced iPod, iPhone and lately iPad to get involved in this trend. This is the direction that Apple should keep on following.

Lastly, a more complex and innovative recommendation is researching into virtual technology. This is surely a far-thought, but one that we can expect Apple to introduce. Consequently, Apple should follow these recommendations in order to stay ahead in the competition and keep enjoying the profits rolling in along with keeping the customers delighted.