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Apple computer Inc. Essay

Apple computer Inc. was founded by two young college dropouts and grew so fast in its early years.  It faced many challenges such as competition and mismanagement, but has grown to be a successful company. Apple computer Inc. 2005 is a small sized business that can be easily affected by worms and viruses that cause significant financial loses.  Apples computer Inc. 2005 must warn their employers form accessing malicious websites and downloading untrustworthy materials. (http://www.joeant.com/DIR/info/get/211/24275).

            The virus and worms are very destructive and spread at a high very speed infecting an entire office.

            Apple should install security systems that can detect and repel viruses and worms.  Such security system will ensure business success by maintaining customer privacy and reducing the cost of operation.  Computer viruses and worms are very costly to clean up and can affect the productivity of the business.

            Apple should install computer networks that are easy to handle and manage.  If networks are designed well, they help in supporting the business and its agenda.  Apple should design and implement a network that is effective for a small – sized business.

            A network system that is more security – conscious should be installed together with a real –

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time virus and worm update system, with virus update server that checks for updates.  The virus update server will push does updates immediately they appear, to reduce the time period between the virus and worm attack and when the fix is available.  If Apple adopts this measure, it will reduce the chances of virus and worm infections.  This means that the system would detect a worm or virus as soon as it is developed.

            Email clients, a system that is used to download and open attachments automatically should be discouraged.  Apple should discourage the use of such systems to improve their security level.  Through this Apple will impose rules on its network employees that its network system is used only for business purposes.  This will reduce the chances of downloading and assessing malicious materials and also prevent them from being sent to the network.

            Apple should be encouraged to set up institutionalized procedures that ensure every user on its network adheres to the security protocol they have established. Apple is a microcomputer design and manufacturing company founded in 1976 as a personal computer company.  Apple is capable of entering the consumer electronic business and achieving success.

            It has been associated with being rigid on aspects of technology and not having a number of systems to choose from.  For Apple to succeed in the consumer electronic business they must be willing to expand their ideas.  They should install a variety of systems and communicate well with their users by informing them of the system vulnerabilities.

            Apple has produced very successful consumer electronic products, especially the ipod, which has portable music players. The ipod received much success and posed competition on other computer companies.  The ipod gave Apple a 50% margin before its marketing and distribution costs.  However, when the desire for portable music fades and the sales of ipods decrease, the stability of Apple will be affected and it will go down. . (http://www.forbes.com/)

            Apple has been associated negatively with the consumer market.  Purchasers of Apples’ products are complaining that Apple is producing and making anti-consumer decisions that impact negatively on the consumers.  The decisions are made to benefit the company and not the consumers.

            Despite these misconceptions, I believe that Apple makes all its moves to create order in the industry and ensure that customers got quality products.  Apple is one of the few companies that have allowed a third party to use its devices and this has created a system that benefits the user.  Just like all other ecosystems, some bad items may be introduced, that have a negative effect in the market.

            Windows and Intel see that Apple’s software is not compatible with their software.  To overcome this misconception, Apple should introduce more operating systems to extend their market range and also to strengthen their relationship with window and Intel.  By expanding its operating systems, Apple will have a web technology that can be used to improve product awareness and sales and also expand their market, beside education and publishing.

            They must produce winter compatible products in order to improve their relationship with window and Intel. This will increase and promote compatibility to windows operating system.  This way other companies will accept and view Apple as compatible with them. . (http://www.forbes.com/)

            Apple must stop relying on new product launches as this weakens their economical and market stability. They should start thinking of penetrating the market in order to develop the next generation of recognition computer.  This should be done by going after window, Intel and Dell market shares to creating new consumer electronic products and expanding their market regions. Apple should formulate strategies to ensure their success and implement them.  They can do this by opening more computer retail stores, increase their product accessibility, expand into markets outside the US and add more features to its current products. By creating compatibility among other companies and establishing stability in the market, Apple will achieve the trust of its consumers and in turn become a successful consumer electronics business.


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