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APUSH Ch. 22

Which one of the following individuals was NOT a prominent muckraker
C. James G. Blaine
The focus of Lincoln Steffens’ research and writing was
A. Corruption in city government
Henry Ford showed that enormous revenues could come from
D. Small unit profit on a large volume of sales
The law requiring every state desiring federal funds to establish a highway department to plan routes, oversee construction, and maintain roads was the
A. Federal Aids Roads Act of 1916
The control of a commodity or service by a small number of large, powerful companies is called
B. An oligopoly
Between 1891 and 1903, the American economy saw
C. A wave of mergers adn consolidations
In the first decade of the twentieth century, the economic trend
B. Was a replacement of industrial capitalist by financial capitalists
New methods of production in the first years of the twentieth century
A. Were large-scale and mechanized
Frederick W. Taylor’s management methods emphasized
D. The enforcement of work standards and cooperation
Internee industrial system, workers
C. Frequently faced repetitive and boring work tasks
This disaster forced state and national attention on working conditions in factories and stores
D. Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
In general, farmers
B. Received some benefit from the effects of urbanization
Between 1900 and 1920, women
B. Increasingly found professional careers closed to them
At the beginning of the twentieth century, many African Americans
C. Worked in the South under conditions of peonage
The main focus of the Niagara Movement was
B. African American Rights
Padroni were
C. Labor agents who recruited immigrant workers
As a bird of passage, an immigrant
E. Did not stay permanently in the United States
In the first decades of the twentieth century, Mexican immigration
B. Increased dramatically
The “science” of eugenics held that
A. Population growth among “inferior” peoples should be limited
In the first decade of the twentieth century, the American Federation of Labor
B. Remained devoted to the interests of skilled craftsmen
Which of the following labor leaders advocated social revolution?
B. “Big Bill” Haywood
The Industrial Workers of the World
A. Was the most radical American labor union
Concerned about labor unrest, business leaders
C. Turned to applied psychology for answers
In terms of workers relations, Henry Ford
E. Tried many innovations
The drop in the median age of the American population was NOT a result of
D. Lower infant mortality rates
The greater leisure time available to workers resulted from
B. A decrease in the length of the work week
D.W. Griffith was the
D. Director of the first movie spectacular, The Birth of a Nation
Music in the Progressive period
A. Was strongly influenced by the African American experience
The ashcan school of Artists
B. Shared with reformers a feel for the environment.
A popular form of entertainment that drew from the immigrant experience was
C. Vaudeville
Which of the following pioneered improvisational dance?
C. Isadora Duncan
New York’s _________ attracted avant garde artists, writers, and poets
E. Greenwich Village

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