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            The study of Wisner and Corney showcases one approach in which customer satisfaction is measured and seen – use of comment cards. Corey and Wisner showcased the way comment cards are used in specific restaurants to get feedbacks from customers. “It is inexpensive, it obtains feedback and at the same time service is rendered to maximize information reliability, and it offers management the opportunity to design the comment instrument to elicit information most important to the organization.” (Wisner & Corney, 1997, p.110)

            The first few concepts that the authors discussed is the importance of clarity, the content, its relative availability and its quality. Each category results were elaborated and addressed accordingly.  It is through these categories that both Wisner and Corney saw varied results and responses from the different restaurants studied.

Both authors indicated the need of an efficient and effective design of comment cards not only for the benefit of the customers but also to management as well. Here both Wisner and Corney showed the different design principles. These principles that were looked into are: “(1) clarity and principle, (2) mutual exclusivity, (3) use of familiar language, (4) no words that showcase bias, (5) no barreled questions, (6) state

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explicit alternatives and (7) validity and reliability.” (Wisner & Corney, 1997, pp.111-113)

            In the end, the overall analysis of the authors saw the need of standardizing the content of comment cards to ensure quality and principles are addressed. “One major potential are of improvement is with regard to the standardization of requested information.” (Wisner and Corney, 1997, p. 115) In addition, the use of comment cards or its role must clearly be defined by the management to avoid confusion. “The questions on some cards suggest that these organizations are using this as a way to either placate customers or punish employees.” (Wisner and Corney, 1997, p. 115) After which, the authors presented suggestions on how to address such issue.

            Addressing the call for customer satisfaction is what every hospitality facility seeks to promote. By creating different mechanisms that will enhance such goal is the overall objective of these institutions. On the other hand, the varied responses by clients and customers can also prove to be another important factor. In the end, by incorporating customer satisfaction with management mechanisms, patrons can be assured of good quality and service.

            Incorporating the study of both Corney and Wisner, their idea of using comment cards is one way of addressing the new trends and challenges in the customer service field. Customers are now capable of having more information that they need with just a click of a button due to innovations in information technology. “Customer service providers are also more fully empowered to make decisions in response to customer inquiries that previously would have been taken to a higher level supervisor.” (Harris, 2003, p.24)

            In addition, comment cards are one component and tool used by companies and management to improve and develop their marketing strategies. Such strategy involves the process of both informing and gauging a client’s preference over ones good/service. “Customer service is an important part of the overall marketing strategy; this has encouraged the development of some nontraditional approaches.” (Harris, 2003, p.25)

            Determining what the customer perceives is another important facet that businesses look into. That is why many companies invest in creating strategies and methods that will enhance and improve information to potential clients. “Organizations conduct various forms of research to obtain information about the needs, expectations, and perceptions of their present and prospective customers.” (‘Services of quality’, p.102) That is why there is a need for constant reinforcement of known knowledge to enhance and capture the necessary information needed. “It is therefore important that research into these matters is administered on a continuous basis – so that any changes can be picked up quickly, and acted upon as appropriate.” (‘Services of quality’, p.102)

            Applying this to the study, Corney and Wisner’s research is an application of the constant drive for information not only for customers but also to the management as well. Such research can be a determinant for future actions and strategies that need to be implemented. It is through this that the comment card fall under the category of measuring service quality. “Apart from gathering (largely qualitative) data from the methods described above, various attempts have been made to assess service quality by objective measurement.” (‘Services of quality’, p.115)

            Related to this is the study concerning comment logs within hotels and resorts. However, such comment logs seem to lack in depth that results seem to showcase limited information. “An alternative approach is to use customer comment logs as a “free-elicitation” device in assessing what is on the minds of guests during the service experience.” (‘Services of quality’, p.108)

            By applying all these concepts, the study of Corney and Wisner showcases the way their study adds to the literature and information concerning customers’ perception and satisfaction. Through this, the hospitality sector can be dynamic in giving and addressing every need in its client-based environment.

            Reacting to this, I can say that the study of Corney and Wisner sheds some light in the way we customers can showcase our opinion or remark over a certain product/ service rendered. One is that every now and then we tend to disregard these types of mechanisms. But on the event that a problem arises that is when we complain and demand some explanation.

            What I am trying to point out is that we as customers and clients also have the responsibility in this process. We must actively participate in creating a better environment of service within the hospitality sector. Apathy over such thing may or may not affect us in general; however the performance of the management and organization shall remain to be unless someone says it’s not the right thing to do anymore.

            Also, I would like to point out the notion concerning the way comment cards are used by the management as a form of punishment determinant for employees. Companies must realize that comment cards are present to improve the quality of service given by the management. Such should not point only to one person or the culprit of the rank and file. On the other hand, such feedback should be used by the company to actively create an environment for changes and development.

            In the end, with the rapidly developing world of ours, competition increases. That is why companies nowadays must enhance and develop mechanisms and practices that will enforce their competitive nature so as to survive. The more it is for the hospitality sector. Dealing with preferences and perceptions are important factors to consider when addressing the issue of customer service.


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2008 pp. 102-115


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